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AS level


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    in UK exc Scotland
    • I am willing to concede that year in year out girls wipe the floor with boys in all public examinations - GCSE, AS levels, A-levels and so on.
    • A levels, AS levels and GCSE's are all well underway and good luck to all those sitting these important exams this summer.
    • A keen cross-country runner, the Fulford School pupil, who has just completed her AS levels, also plays tennis, squash and hockey.
    • I just couldn't help nagging to myself that this wasn't the end; there would be more exams in the future that were much more important than AS levels and there was the dreaded work experience too.
    • After a year they would sit their AS levels and then decide subjects to continue and sit an A2 exam in the following year.
    • Luke was seventeen, doing his AS levels, and basically being a brat.
    • The teenager passed the AS level exam in the subject with an A grade but received a U grade for his coursework.
    • But, for the time being, Clare's biggest concern is passing his AS level exams.
    • Rebecca is studying AS levels but she really hates exams.
    • I am 17 years old and taking my AS level exams in the summer; within a year I shall be applying for a university.
    • The solution was to reduce the number of exams by cutting the AS level.
    • Nationally the introduction of AS levels - an intermediate exam between GCSEs and A - levels - has been highlighted as one reason for better performance.
    • Teenagers flocked to the borough's secondary schools and colleges to discover if they had achieved the A and AS level grades they need for university or college courses.
    • Those that get straight As will be able to start AS levels to ease their way into the sixth form.
    • She is now deeply involved in study for AS levels and is contemplating a career as a meteorologist.
    • ‘Last year I was doing my AS levels and was quite stressed about getting the grades to go on to finish my A-levels and get to university,’ she said.
    • I'm hoping to go to college to do an art and IT course because I did both for my AS levels.
    • Next year I'll be doing five AS levels, but these results might help to open doors for the future.
    • Learning requires discipline - My son is keen to get good AS levels so he can go to a good university to study maths.
    • Next year he will go on to take several A and AS levels and hopes to go on to university in two years' time.