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Pronunciation /əˈsɛn(t)ʃ(ə)n/ /əˈsɛnʃ(ə)n/

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    the Ascension la Ascensión
    • After the Resurrection and the Ascension of Jesus, the disciples were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.
    • The reign of Christ begins with the Ascension, even as the witness of the church will soon be inaugurated by the sending of God's empowering Holy Spirit.
    • What does a belief in the Incarnation and the Resurrection and the Ascension and the future judgment mean for Christian practice and politics?
    • This particular hymn 28 celebrates the paradox of the incarnation, alluding to the feasts of Easter and the Ascension.
    • The Ascension inaugurates God's eternal reign through Jesus Christ.
    • Jesus' words address the situation of every generation of the church since the Ascension.
    • The Feast of the Ascension marks the fortieth day after Easter, as Jesus is taken up to heaven in the cloud.
    • The Ascension of Christ at the end of his time on earth is his liberation from restrictions of time and space.
    • But the Ascension is not to be conflated with the Resurrection, and to celebrate the former is not in any way to diminish the latter.
    • After the Ascension the disciples, according to their Lord's instruction, prayed together in the upstairs room where they were staying.
    • In the presence of Christ's absence, which is the entire sum of human time and history after the Ascension, the human being no longer knows what goodness really is.
    • This text uniquely ties together the Ascension and our need to be witnesses of this glorious event and of all the life and teachings of Christ.
    • The 22 sections present the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus in a vigorously dramatic way.
    • When I was a little girl, the Paschal candle was extinguished in Ascension as a sign of the mystery of Christ's departure.
    • In the upper panels of the south doors are two events witnessed by the apostles: Pentecost on the left and the Ascension on the right.
    • But when did Passion become a specialised term of church vocabulary, like the Ascension, to describe a very specific period in the life of Christ?
    • Here we have music for the feast of the Ascension, all scrupulously edited with additions carefully formed from an understanding of the practices of the time.
    • My latest posting on ‘A scripture blog’ looks at the Ascension.
    • If we have not extinguished the paschal candle on Ascension, we may do so during the reading from Acts as the Holy Spirit roars through the assembly.
    • The window on the east wing depicts the crucifixion while the Lady Chapel features a spectacular scene of the Ascension.
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    ascensión feminine