Translation of Ascension Day in Spanish:

Ascension Day

día de la Ascensión, n.


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    día de la Ascensión masculine
    • Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, Ascension Day, and Corpus Christi are recognized as national holidays and are observed according to the religious calendar.
    • This event happened 40 days after Easter Sunday, on Ascension Day.
    • They also observe other Roman Catholic festivals, including Ascension Day (forty days after Easter) and All Saints' Day.
    • Other religious holidays include Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, and Ascension Day (all in the spring).
    • The volumes feature selections from 513 biblical texts from the Revised Common Lectionary for the Sundays throughout the church year and for Christmas Day, Epiphany, and Ascension Day.
    • Religious holidays include Good Friday, along with the non-religious Easter Monday holiday; Ascension Day in April or May; and Christmas.
    • Today is Ascension Day, the day we remember when Jesus was taken back to heaven.
    • It is a good promise to hear in the gap between Ascension Day and the Day of Pentecost.
    • Come Ascension Day, students there take part in the annual practice of hurling hot pennies from the roofs of College to be caught by school children on the Front Quad lawn below.
    • The two village schools of Pitton and Farley met in a field midway between the two villages to celebrate Ascension Day.
    • Beatrice d' Este, sister of Isabella and wife to Lodovico Sforza of Milan, went shopping in Venice in 1493, at the time of the annual Ascension Day fair, which filled the Piazza San Marco with wooden booths.
    • On Ascension Day children take part in a ‘cricket hunt’ in the city's largest park.
    • I did some Maths; then I went out to church, because it is in fact Ascension Day.
    • Conceived by Antony Noghès, and always held on the weekend following Ascension Day, the Monaco Grand Prix is the most famous race on the Grand Prix calendar and last year celebrated its 50th F1 Grand Prix.
    • In this week alone, two of the three non-working days were May Day and Ascension Day, neither of which really warrants a public holiday if the truth be told.
    • Mind you, today is Ascension Day, a Holy Day of Obligation, so we would have had the day off, anyway.
    • This process takes many hours and occupies all of the three days preceding Ascension Day.
    • The Saturday following Ascension Day will now become a paid holiday.
    • It's Ascension Day here in Bavaria and that means a welcome public holiday.
    • On the day before Ascension Day bundles of stakes and branches are carried to the harbour side before 9am and a ‘penny hedge’ built which by tradition has to survive three tides.