Translation of ascetic in Spanish:


ascético, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈsɛdɪk/ /əˈsɛtɪk/

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    • Sufism emphasises the more mystical and ascetic aspects of the religion.
    • Yet the texts are firmly part of the later medieval world: the first two come from the writings of visionary women mystics and the last from a rigorously ascetic monastic theologian.
    • True spirituality, or godliness, is found in everyday social relationships as well as in prayer, learning, or ascetic practices.
    • For Brendan, salvation is best accomplished through the monastic way, understood as a combination of ascetic practices and liturgical observance.
    • I was simply fighting against what I perceived as biblical, doctrinal, and ascetic fundamentalism.
    • It will doubtless surprise some viewers to learn that the monks' daily routine is not dominated by the strict, ascetic activities one might suppose.
    • My tastes are modest to the point of ascetic austerity.
    • The seventies were very sleek and empty, more concerned with structure, form, and a certain kind of ascetic rigorousness.
    • Cornet always led a frugal and ascetic life, able to live contentedly for weeks on end with the same menu of rice and dried fish.
    • The people communicate with him by way of ascetic disciplines on certain sacred mountains.
    • He himself lived a rigorously ascetic life and observed the monastic precepts faithfully.
    • These three constitute the Supernal Triad - those spheres which are wholly outside the realm of direct human experience for all but the most disciplined and ascetic individuals.
    • While there is not too much on the theology of the cross, or on the phenomenon of monasticism, all authors speak from the reality of a crucified, ascetic tradition.
    • The motive was mainly ascetic, but was in part connected with the greater authority which, in antiquity, attached to such renunciation.
    • His earlier life of self-indulgence had been unsatisfying, as was his six-year experiment with ascetic penances.
    • Nor will we gain any great wisdom through the more punitive, ascetic methods.
    • He walked away from every system of thought and every ascetic setup that was offered to him as an alternative.
    • Bernard's over-rigorous pursuit of ascetic discipline adversely affected his health.
    • Buddhism requires ascetic behaviour, including fasting, by its monks, but not from other followers.
    • Indeed most martial arts are based on the creations of Chinese ascetic monks almost a thousand years ago.


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    asceta masculine, feminine
    • The composition of hymns of the Rig-Veda was done by Hindu recluses, ascetics, Rishis and Sages rooted in the realities of life inside the society.
    • These are the qualities of Siva, the lord of yogis and ascetics.
    • The major sect of Udasin ascetics was originally not Shaiva - nor even Hindu - but belonged to the Sikh religion.
    • I don't mean mystics and ascetics, who are often wrongly accused of such world - hatred.
    • When you read Bondi on the desert ascetics and medieval mystics, you are there.
    • Mystics and ascetics have been telling us for ages that the goal of life is to learn how to die.
    • In all four Vedas, there are references to women ascetics reciting Vedic hymns and even creating mantras.
    • The same goes for gnostic Christianity, where we had the strict ascetics on the one hand and the extreme libertines on the other.
    • We can see well enough that Paul had to fight the Gnostics, the Platonists, and the ascetics on these counts.
    • Participants examine ancient practices, contemporary practices, iconography, literature and even the way in which modern medical research supports some of the traditional claims of ascetics.
    • Its appeal is on many different levels and, through the ages, ascetics and scholars alike have dedicated their lives to studying, collating, and translating the varied and voluminous material.
    • The protagonist moves through various stages of life, from living with ascetics to participating in the marketplace, neither of which bring satisfaction.
    • Later, the Fuke school came to be composed primarily of wandering, non-ordained ascetics who specialized in playing the shakuhachi flute.
    • Missionaries in the African churches, and probably elsewhere, were normally unmarried ascetics living in the utmost simplicity.
    • Brahmins and ascetics play their part, but their roles are secondary to those of Ayodhya's ruling family, and the monkey and demon warriors.
    • He formed an order of ascetics devoted to develop a sense of community with the help of religious injunctions and instructions.
    • The ascetics would go out and, with great exertion, meditate for months and years under a tree or leaning against a boulder.
    • A special sanctity often attached to religious hermits and saintly ascetics, who were revered for their piety and sought out for the healing abilities of the blessed power attributed to them.
    • The leaves are said to be invigorating and an aphrodisiac and, therefore, not to be used by celibates and ascetics.
    • They appear as often as not in religious contexts and associated with marginal Christian groups, whether ascetics or heretics.