Translation of asexual in Spanish:


asexuado, adj.

Pronunciation /eɪˈsɛkʃ(u)əl/ /eɪˈsɛkʃʊəl/

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    (organism/reproduction) asexuado
    (organism/reproduction) asexual
    (person) asexuado
    • It can either start asexual reproduction or it can produce gametes through mitosis.
    • The organism can also go through asexual reproduction.
    • On the other hand, consider organisms that reproduce by agametic, asexual reproduction.
    • Most reproduction is asexual, and this is accomplished by a wide variety of means, including fragmentation of filaments, but often involving the production of some kind of spore.
    • During this period, each polyp is capable of budding new polyps though asexual reproduction in spring.
    • The diagnosis is made by the observation of intracellular asexual forms of the parasite on thick and thin blood smears.
    • This, combined with a sufficiently high rate of deleterious mutation, can allow sexual genotypes to outcompete asexual genotypes in the face of the twofold cost of sex.
    • To experimentally measure this distribution requires either an asexual organism or a sexual line that is genetically homogeneous (homozygotic at each locus).
    • Our results also hold in both sexual and asexual species and recombining and nonrecombining chromosome regions.
    • Consequently, mean fitness at equilibrium is higher in sexual populations than in asexual populations when fitness interactions are negative.
    • Uh-huh… and did you know that angels are asexual?