Translation of ashamedly in Spanish:


con vergüenza, adv.

Pronunciation /əˈʃeɪmədli/ /əˈʃeɪmɪdli/


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    con vergüenza
    he ashamedly recalled the words he'd spoken recordó, con vergüenza / avergonzado, lo que había dicho
    • However, my attention was diverted from the pages of the book as I found myself ashamedly eavesdropping on people who were unaware that the walls had ears listening to their passive conversation.
    • ‘Wow, this kinda feels like a refugee camp,’ I thought to myself, ashamedly.
    • Slinking a little ashamedly up to the receptionist's desk, I informed her that I was working here for the day.
    • Rather ashamedly, I assumed that our French friends were cooking something aboard their boat and thought nothing more of it.
    • Sadly, this compromises my blogging exploits and leaves me ashamedly making another post of pure apology.