Translation of ashen in Spanish:


lívido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈæʃən/ /ˈaʃ(ə)n/


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    ceniciento literary
    • His face was ashen white, and he looked like a ghost, his skin almost translucent.
    • Daphne freezes, seeing the sudden fear on her father's ashen face.
    • Days later, pictures of the residents' ashen faces were plastered over the papers and broadcast on the news every night, invariably showing tightly strapped face-masks.
    • As soon as I reached my work place I saw ashen faces and tears in the eyes of my colleagues.
    • His face was ashen, a yellowish grey color that spoke of death.
    • The ashen face in the bed twisted in pain, pale lips parting and pressing together.
    • His ashen face was animated by genuine interest.
    • Utter terror was conveyed across his ashen face.
    • When he saw her ashen face, concerned flooded him.
    • This Pastor was an older, gaunter man; his face was ashen and he seemed very weary, having been worn down by the endless petitions of the last few days.
    • His face was ashen as she started to advance upon him.
    • Their faces were ashen, sorrow staring back from hollow eyes.
    • Erik nodded, his eyes still locked on his father's ashen face.
    • His face was ashen, and he didn't say a word for several minutes.
    • His face was ashen by this point, and he could barely hear his own voice.
    • She turns to look at him; his face is ashen, and there is a cigarette in his hand.
    • The rest of us just continue to be stressed out, over worked, ashen and grey faced and up to our necks in debt.
    • Katie's face was pale and ashen and her eyes were glassy.
    • Jasmine had a blanket around her shoulders, her face ashen white.
    • His face was ashen white and the grip he had on my sleeve tightened.
    • He had a shock of dark blue hair that, yesterday, had blond roots, and his smooth skin was an ashen color, suggesting that he'd been sick for a long time.
    • Giovanni sighed, smiling happily, which added color to his ashen cheeks.