Translation of ashen-faced in Spanish:


lívido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌæʃ(ə)nˈfeɪst/

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    • With all around him looking pale and ashen-faced, Guy Hedderwick put his best foot forward, racing across the smouldering coals.
    • He appeared on television screens worldwide, bare chested and ashen-faced, wearing a large white bandage around his head.
    • One ashen-faced senior figure said: ‘We are standing around here bemused and astonished.’
    • The helpers were moving about the plane, chatting and reassuring everyone, and suddenly ashen-faced people who had been gripping their arm-rests were smiling, talking and relaxing.
    • One ashen-faced businessman said to me: ‘Things will be different from now on, won't they?’
    • Instead, he was ashen-faced over what he described as ‘the biggest miscarriage of justice imaginable’.
    • At this, Sarah gasped and sank back ashen-faced in her chair.
    • Peasants huddle terrified in hovels while ashen-faced statesmen race hither and thither before the storm clouds of history.
    • The small old men exited from the dramatic scene ashen-faced.
    • He was ashen-faced but impassive as the verdicts were brought in.
    • He had emerged from his fairly elaborate morning ablutions looking ashen-faced.
    • ‘I had to go somewhere quickly,’ he told the ashen-faced judge.
    • Swallowing hard, the ashen-faced girl continued, her ‘composed’ voice merely an emotionless monotone.
    • A couple of ashen-faced colleagues are recovering after making that mistake on a ride from the airport.
    • Just then, the door flew open and Mara, ashen-faced and tottering came out, closely followed by a radiant Rakael.
    • I drove home ashen-faced, where I took a bunch of codeine and paced around the house waiting for it to work.
    • People on the morning train looked moodier and more ashen-faced than usual.
    • She looked at him then, and saw he was ashen-faced.
    • He looked down slowly, ashen-faced and shaking.
    • Deimos was still ashen-faced, though coping well.