Translation of aside in Spanish:


a un lado, adv.

Pronunciation /əˈsaɪd/ /əˈsʌɪd/

See Spanish definition of aparte


  • 1

    • 1.1(away from oneself)

      a un lado
      • As Julie faces a possible future without the love of her life, she must push her fears aside and stand by Luke through thick and thin.
      • No matter what feelings she was going through, she needed to put them aside and fight along side her brother.
      • She mentally pushed the pain aside and stood slowly.
      • Someone pushed the guy aside and stood in the doorway.
      • After they finished eating, they pushed their plates aside.
      • Her father pushed aside a plate full of sandwiches, and went through the report thoughtfully, while listening to her narration.
      • He pushed the blankets aside and stood as his mother left.
      • Get used to pushing your plate aside when you've had enough.
      • He ate only a little before pushing his plate aside.
      • Mary pushed aside the curtain and stood looking out into the front yard.
      • He laid his knife and fork in a precise X on his plate and pushed it aside.
      • Evan put his program on hold and pushed the monitor aside, standing up to stretch.
      • Ruth looked at her coldly, pushed her plate aside and stormed out.
      • Observers say for this plan to succeed, all sides must put aside their reservations and return to the negotiating table.
      • It was an occasion when both sides put aside political controversies to seek solutions.
      • We must put our differences and criticisms aside and stand together against our common foes.
      • Lift the meat out of the pot and set it aside on a plate.
      • I tossed the useless tent stake aside and stood up, wiping the sweat off my face.
      • Casting the lectern aside, he stood at the front of the stage, oozing boyish charm and melting more than a few hearts in the audience.
      • Challenging the onslaught of modern fashion, the ancient art of henna design still stands ground, refusing to be pushed aside.
      see also put aside, set aside

    • 1.2(to one side)

      they feel cast aside by society sienten que la sociedad los ha dejado de lado / los ha marginado
      see also stand, take aside

  • 2

    aside from
    • 2.1 literary (away from)

      the cabin stood a little aside from the path la cabaña se hallaba algo apartada del camino

    • 2.2mainly US (except for)

      aparte de
      we're all happy aside from him aparte de él / exceptuándolo a él, estamos todos contentos
      • aside from history, I did pretty well me fue bastante bien en todo menos en historia
      • Leaving aside potential issues with subject matter, it's a bit of a one-trick horse, isn't it, with the flashbacks and all?
      • We are speeding up, and given this rate we should catch up pretty quick - even leaving aside the new wildly new cool things we are planning to launch in the next few months.
      • But all joking aside, most of the celebrities we spoke to agreed that America made its decision, and it was definitely time to move forward.
      • As such, even leaving aside the ethics of the thing, I sometimes wonder how historians manage to keep their jobs after trashing their primary source material.
      • But, leaving aside social issues, the transformation is striking.
      • Leaving aside major humanitarian and social issues, what aspects of everyday life would you cheerfully throw out and consider the world to be a better place without them?
      • This may be because he simply wasn't as good as the others, but leaving aside such value judgements, his position in history wasn't helped by the fact that many of his works were destroyed in a fire.
      • That strikes me as pretty good going and, leaving aside the question of the value of public transport, should please any supporter of the free market, in transport or otherwise.
      • Leaving aside the practical problem of how on earth he could force them to stay, let alone be productive labour, the source for this claim is entirely unreliable.
      • Joking aside, we hope they all had a lovely time.
      • All joking aside though, the touch technology provides measurable quantitative differences in the efficiency by which people can complete that kind of task.
      • Leaving aside the fact that there are major road and infrastructural deficiencies this is completely contrary to the greater public interest.
      • The respectability of conspiracy theories in that sense (leaving aside sheer insanities) is surprisingly relative.
      • But all joking aside, this is a positive thing for my family, and a blessing of an opportunity for my family to be closer again.
      • Joking aside, he says the weekly meetings at his club are not just a forum for discussion, but change.
      • Errors aside, the book is distractingly overwritten.
      • That faux pas aside, this book is entertaining, educational, and highly recommended as a worthy investment of one's time and effort.
      • But, putting aside the commercial side of the story, it's always nice and exciting to have a meeting with Santa, whatever age you are.
      • A handful of side quests aside, the main plot is completely linear and the approaches to the missions themselves give the player few options.
      • To begin with, local organizations often must put aside historical antagonisms among potential members.

    • 2.3mainly US (as well as)

      aparte de
      además de
      aside from that, the apartment was too small aparte de eso / además de eso, el apartamento era demasiado pequeño


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    (line, comment)
    aparte masculine
    • The revenger also usually had a very close relationship with the audience through soliloquies and asides.
    • He created a half-dozen memorable characters that often winked and made funny, out-of-context asides to the audience, and no one topped him at ad-libbing.
    • This adaptation emphasises the inherent humour of the play, especially in the devil's asides and monologues.
    • The text is delivered in a conversational manner, with frequent asides directed to the audience.
    • They are constantly aware that they are in the midst of a movie, and some of the funniest laughs come from their asides to the audience.
    • His musical set-pieces, as well as character asides in the form of short monologue, are a delight to watch.
    • It is true, of course, that Shakespeare's dramaturgy allows him soliloquies and asides that make it easier to dramatize thought, but Hamlet's thoughts are still necessarily externalized.
    • Typically, viewers gain this knowledge through one character's asides or soliloquies of which other characters are unaware or through the use of a chorus commenting on events as they unfold on the stage.
    • Audiences were called out during monologues or asides.
    • The clever asides that create a covert intimacy with the audience were too quick for the vocal transitions, if any, to register.
    • There is a fair amount of ludicrous drag, broad farce, heart-rending, bosom-heaving dramatics and pithy asides to an appreciative audience.
    • The asides to the audience from many of the performers were hilarious but their faces never slipped and they played their parts straight down the line.
    • It takes more than a nice tan, a good smile, and some flashy tapered jeans to pull off the stopping of time to make asides to the audience.
    • Rather than letting such asides dominate his material, Hamilton cleverly weaves them into the overall flow.
    • With no asides and soliloquies, nothing is put in to sweeten the pill.
    • They weren't just asides to give voice to the feelings of the characters.
    • The vibrant cast in modern dress hurl contemporary references, songs, slang and asides into Shakespeare's verse, accentuating the comic and the physical.
    • In a number of asides, the magicians joke with the women in the audience, insinuating that Platonic love, although delightful in theory, is unlikely to satisfy their every need.
    • He uses a language that is accessible to a larger audience, and more suited to humorous asides.
    • More of the changes had to do with breaking the fourth wall and actually interacting with the audience or making critical asides about certain actions and speeches.
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    acotación al margen feminine