Translation of asinine in Spanish:


necio, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈæsəˌnaɪn/ /ˈasɪnʌɪn/

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  • 1

    (person) necio
    asinine remark/action necedad
    • A contestant makes a truly asinine remark and the boredom abates slightly, even as annoyance levels are soaring.
    • Each interview conducted by a HR specialist was asinine in the extreme, without exception.
    • However, all of his blind, asinine nonsense was going to be put to an end.
    • I have to admit, with a heavy heart, that when I originally read about the new villains, I thought they sounded asinine, with daft names and even dafter looks.
    • Shows insist on running asinine competitions to check that their listeners are awake and tuned in (and to harvest phone numbers for marketing purposes).
    • That's asinine and they will be undone by their sloppy decision-making.
    • It is the most perfectly asinine closing statement I think I have ever heard by a ‘professional’ writer.
    • His few political interventions are puerile and his forays abroad - to Australia, Orkney, Israel - are, well, asinine.
    • I dislike the music, find the plots to be asinine and chauvinistic, and hate the predictable and unrealistically cheerful endings.
    • He had asked for some time off to help promote his CD, which was, you know, incredibly asinine to do at the beginning of the season.
    • Needless to say, this was an asinine decision for three reasons.
    • Now this was asinine enough to get him some serious humiliation.
    • The writing is worse than asinine, and the direction assumes an audience who won't get the jokes unless they are battered with them for several minutes.
    • Have you heard anything as asinine as that before?
    • He earned the dough to bring this asinine concept to life, and has even recruited some heavy hitters to nurture it.
    • Now, allow me to explain why the preceding statements are so utterly asinine.
    • What is scary is that these big men and women sit, discuss, debate and come up with these asinine reasons for why things are in a mess.
    • That statement is so asinine as not to deserve any response from me.
    • It's absolutely asinine to spend three hours out of your day traveling to and from work.