Translation of ask in Spanish:


preguntar, v.

Pronunciation /æsk/ /ɑːsk/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (inquire) preguntar
    (inquire of) preguntarle a
    to ask sb sth preguntarle algo a algn
    to ask sb about sth/sb/-ing
    ask why pregunta por qué
    • ask your mother pregúntale a tu madre
    • to ask a question hacer una pregunta
    • I fight the urge to ask after the health of his son.
    • He asked after my parents and enquired into the wellbeing of my wife and kids.
    • Since then there has been a deafening silence from punters - we've received three emails asking after Dan's health, including one from a creditor.
    • So I don't feel like I'm missing out on any of that- and here's where the complaining comes in- I just hate people constantly asking after my well-being, like it's oh so sad that I don't have any big holiday plans.
    • He'd sometimes send a brief message asking after his father's health.
    • The look she gave her was full of understanding and Diana felt that Virginia wasn't asking after her health.
    • Instead she went to the village barber who acted as the local surgeon and asked after the health of her opponent.
    • She asks after him every two minutes; but how do you explain something like that to a child?
    • I also know someone who I considered one of my better friends knows I was attacked, because his girlfriend has been asking after my welfare, but he hasn't been in touch at all.
    • It was unbelievable, everyone was asking after her.
    • Flat cap in hand, the foreign secretary strides from doorstep to corner shop, greeting many voters by name and asking after their fathers.
    • Although rivalry was intense between the two clubs, she always showed an interest in how my children were getting on and always asked after them.
    • I asked after his dad, off on holiday in Majorca, and his uncle, who is the guy that's going to do my new roof for me.
    • Many of his regular customers who had known him for years asked after him and wished him well.
    • I would like to thank everyone who phoned to ask after Matt.
    • I have had lots of people stopping me to ask after him.
    • If they don't see me for a while, they ask after me.
    • Crammed into eight lines in block capitals, the postcards ask after family and friends and wish a happy birthday to a much-loved brother.
    • He had told her that the girls had been around to ask after her.
    • She wasn't saying much today, other than to ask after my wife and baby.
  • 2

    (approval/advice) pedir
    to ask sb for sth pedirle algo a algn
    to ask sth of sb
    to ask sb to + inf pedirle a algn que + subj
    to ask to + inf
    to ask that + inf pedir que + subj
    may I ask a favor? ¿te puedo pedir un favor?
    • nobody asked your opinion nadie te ha pedido tu opinión
    • all I ask is to be left alone lo único que pido es que me dejen en paz
    • what more can you ask? ¿qué más se puede pedir?
    • is that asking too much? ¿es mucho pedir?
    • If you're asking users to register for a newsletter, ask for only an email address.
    • He wasn't asked to plea during his appearance today and did not ask for bail.
    • Is it too much to ask for to have at least one popular or semi-popular boy ask me to one of the dances or even out for pizza.
    • If you can make this commitment we ask you to sign the registration sheet that is available at the back of church.
    • This will give you a separate e-mail address you can give any time any site asks you to register.
    • I think when your boss asks you to sign a waiver, that's not a voluntary action on your part.
    • To continue the footballing analogy, it is like asking footballers to sign a formal declaration before each game that they will not cheat and will always play fair.
    • A sign has been erected asking people to take away any rubbish from the graveyard and not to just dump it in the corner as was previously the situation.
    • Have you been contacted by anyone asking you to sign up for a pyramid-type savings scheme or have you already joined one?
    • In front was a sign asking all visitors to report to reception.
    • I made some nice posters, and stood in the foyer of student buildings asking people to sign petitions for an equal age of consent.
    • My cohort noticed a sign asking people to please not put cigarettes out on the carpet.
    • Many of them have put up signs in their windows asking drivers to cut their speed to no more than 20 mph.
    • They have signs all over asking customers to return their trays to the collection point, which is fine.
    • We didn't close at any point, we simply put up a sign asking people to bear with us while we had the window repaired.
    • A part of the money has been spent on signs asking people not to feed the birds.
    • I did not understand the logic of asking me to apply only to say no, but there we are.
    • It was a really secretive process and I wasn't even sure who I was applying to until they asked me to come in for an interview!
    • When he came to take up his position he was asked to sign a code of conduct which bound him to agreeing in public to any decision taken by the board.
    • If you would like to join up for these lessons, you are asked to register for the course as soon as possible.
    • If you do get the promise of a concession by special request, ask for written confirmation from the airline.
    • There must also be serious questions asked about the handling of this situation by the administrators.
    • My question actually asked whether this would be a better course of action.
    • It was a simple question that asked whether Parliament should have another look at these laws.
    • We've seem them fritter away hours of valuable time asking and answering trivial questions that could easily have been settled by a phone call or two.
    • We'd be asked sort of general questions, and then asked to ramble answers that might one day be useful.
    • is a good question to ask, and the answer tells us something important.
    • As I have said if he doesn't like my answers, he should ask better questions.
    • There's a simple way to avoid having to ask or answer that question.
    • I have no care plan that I am aware of, when I once asked about it I was given a vague answer about not everyone having one.
    • Questions that shareholders are asking require urgent answers.
    • Many obstacles are encountered when asking and answering questions about how to care for patients.
    • She was willing to do anything if she'd get some answers and he stopped asking all these questions.
    • Of course, questions should be asked about past maintenance, but that will not solve the hazard posed here and now.
    • The next morning my consultant asked about events during the night, and I mentioned the referral.
    • Questions are being asked about whether this was coincidence or conspiracy.
    • He told him certain questions that might be asked about their relationship.
    • Huge questions have to be asked about the whole principle of collecting and managing such a fund.
    • In such a structure, questions will be asked about whose interests are best being served.
    • There is an old adage in survey work - the questions you ask determine the answers you get.
    • He hadn't answered her when she asked if he had been okay, just stood up and walked away.
  • 3

    to ask sb (to sth) invitar a algn (a algo)
  • 4

    (price) pedir
    to ask sth for sth pedir algo por algo
    • It is asking a lot to expect him to do well this year in Paris but, provided he stays fit and avoids the pressure cooker of national expectation, he will be back.
    • It is also asking a lot to expect players to repeat such a performance within days in a European competition.
    • It's far more demanding and you are asking a lot of part-time players to make that step up.
    • With her injury still clearly troubling her, it is asking a lot to expect her to come back.
    • Of course, it would be asking an awful lot to expect a Gold Cup from him now but we'll see how he comes along.
    • To ask them to take something from theater or dance or music, to see the indirect sources of creativity that they could use is asking them a lot.
    • It will be asking a lot of Maxwell to expect a fourth monumental effort in Friday's semi-final against Nepal.
    • Nobody is any longer asking them to apologise for the past: the demands for apology are now focused on the government.
    • Is it also too much to ask that album reviews provide some idea of what to expect from the record in question?
    • The Notice of Appeal also asks this court in effect to hold that the defence of qualified privilege in each of its forms has no real prospect of success.
    • I completely fail to understand how and why anyone would think the voiceover-free version is confusing - it's not a film that asks a huge amount of its audience.
    • He asks an incredible amount from his viewers.
    • To return to her own ‘world’ seemed to be asking the highest price of her one could.
    • All members are asked to attend and new members are invited to the meeting.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to ask about sth/sb/-ing
    what's he been up to? — you may well ask! ¿en qué anda? — ¡buena pregunta!
  • 2

    there's no harm in asking con preguntar no se pierde nada