Translation of askance in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈskæns/ /əˈskans/ /əˈskɑːns/


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    • Bonachela knows that there are people in contemporary dance who look askance at his commercial work.
    • Canadians might look askance at this, given their jaundiced attitude towards many things American.
    • If people with suspiciously orange tans are to be looked at askance, so, too, are suspiciously orange fish.
    • The visitation staff initially looked askance at the brouhaha, but they ended up laughing hysterically at the bizarre display.
    • These strange creatures allegedly dress all in black and have their own subculture which decent Aucklanders look askance at.
    • What it does imply is that biotechnology research no longer looks askance to other fields for its metaphoric Inspiration.
    • It's a mysterious place to the little girl - a place where people look at her askance, and where flowers suddenly appear from nowhere on doorsteps.
    • But when the blockade is prolonged, inconveniencing thousands of motorists, one has to look askance at it.
    • Boyle sits upright, looking askance at my brick-like tape recorder.
    • Many people looked askance at what they perceived as very ‘alternative’ thinking.
    • I had looked at them a little bit askance just because of my belief system.
    • His hounds look askance at the waste of good hunting time.
    • The public looks askance at economists because they think of them primarily as forecasters.
    • On the contrary, the world tends to look at him askance, a fact he himself seems to recognize.
    • Traditional British pop audiences tend to look askance at child stars.
    • Many people look askance at pension companies and pension salespeople.
    • People look askance at the young driver as the car passes noisily by.
    • Jordan looked askance at the wrinkled clothes Aidan wore.
    • Apparently he was a loner there, too, and looked at askance, so his family moved, which they'd been planning on doing, anyway.
    • The nearest faces looked askance at me, but as I moved quickly through the crowd, I left the curious expressions behind.