Translation of asleep in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈslip/ /əˈsliːp/


  • 1

    to be asleep estar dormido
    • he was fast / sound asleep estaba profundamente dormido
    • to fall asleep dormirse
    • are you asleep? ¿duermes?
    • I was asleep within minutes me quedé dormido enseguida
    • my foot's asleep se me ha dormido el pie
    • There they fell asleep and slept peacefully, as lovers did when they were together.
    • I was so glad of my bed when I got to it that I fell asleep right away, and slept through until I was woken by the phone at eight.
    • Samuel smiled and wrapped his arms around her as he too dozed off and fell asleep.
    • She rubbed his head till he fell asleep again, and she soon drifted off to sleep once more.
    • When they got home Nan fell asleep on the couch and remained asleep for the rest of the afternoon.
    • When I got to Las Vegas, I got my racing number and went back to the car to rest and fell asleep.
    • He was so exhausted from today's walk that when he sat down to rest, he fell asleep.
    • One night she was at a party and fell asleep sitting on the speakerbox.
    • So I fell asleep on the pull out couch in my studio apartment the minute I got home.
    • I flew back from Seoul last night and fell asleep almost right away.
    • I fell asleep knowing that whatever we had, it was finished, that this moment would be the last, that I had to let him go.
    • I used to listen to your breathing for hours after you fell asleep at night.
    • I fell asleep sometime after that and had some very disturbed dreams.
    • She had pizza bagels for lunch and fell asleep for a nap soon after we were done.
    • As I fell asleep halfway through, I never did discover how that turned out.
    • I don't know what's wearing me out at the moment, but for the first time in years I actually fell asleep on the train.
    • My mom wound it up every night and it plinked its way though the melody until I fell asleep.
    • I fell asleep on the train from Victoria to Brighton the other evening.
    • At about three or four that morning, I dropped my book and fell asleep.
    • After he fell asleep, I sat on the bed and just spent a couple of minutes looking at him.