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espárrago, n.

Pronunciación /əˈspɛrəɡəs/ /əˈsparəɡəs/

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    espárrago masculino
    asparagus plant esparraguera
    • A member of the lily family, asparagus is also related to onions, leeks and garlic.
    • Asparagus beetles tend to shy away from asparagus when tomatoes, parsley or basil are planted nearby.
    • Despite the admirable longevity of an established asparagus bed, the plants get off to a slow start.
    • The best way to start an asparagus patch is by planting the asparagus crowns or roots.
    • If the asparagus is fresh, then snap the stalks where they bend, otherwise cut.
    • Snap the woody ends off the asparagus stalks, rinse them well, and dry them thoroughly with paper towels.
    • Later in the spring, they can be found all over the asparagus plants but usually they do only minor damage.
    • Were he to live in Ireland, damper by far than his Norfolk base, he'd grow lots more asparagus and globe artichokes.
    • If not cut for food, the shoots that give rise to the spears each year eventually become the ferns of the asparagus plant.
    • The pumpkins are flowering, the asparagus is ready to rest.
    • He worked hard, raised a family and saved enough money to buy a small asparagus farm of his own.
    • Does your mouth water when your neighbors harvest their first asparagus while yours is mere shoots?
    • The perennial raised bed will be their home for the next 20 years or so, and it needed considerable attention to get it ready for the asparagus.
    • Early spring is the best time to plant asparagus, but late fall is almost as good.
    • You can plant asparagus right in your garden or in the middle of a lawn.
    • It's a good time to plant asparagus in a well-prepared bed.
    • Hose it down to reduce the salt levels and use as a mulch on plants such as asparagus or add it to the compost heap.
    • Seed placement is also critical because the roots of asparagus plants grow only below the seed.
    • To grow good crowns, vigorous seed should be planted in soil that has never grown asparagus.
    • Perennials, such as artichokes, asparagus and rhubarb are also sold in bare-root form.
    • Tilling the soil disperses asparagus seeds and encourages quick germination.