Translation of aspiration in Spanish:


aspiración, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæspəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/ /aspəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (desire, ambition)
    aspiración feminine
    to have aspirations to sth aspirar a algo
    ambicionar algo
    aspiration to + inf
    to have high aspirations tener grandes aspiraciones
    • a person with no aspirations una persona sin aspiraciones
    • In my inauguration speech last year I expressed my hopes and aspirations for the year.
    • It spoke of the hurt as well as the hopes and aspirations of an underclass.
    • As a consequence the works do not seem to have much relevance to the needs and aspirations of the local community.
    • I'm afraid I will have to crush your dreams and creative aspirations, for your own good.
    • More importantly, it reflects the lowering of all our aspirations and expectations.
    • The survey would not only be of the buildings, but of the attitudes and aspirations of the community.
    • Until reality can catch up with aspirations, this emotional deprivation will continue.
    • It amuses me that with all his literary aspirations he can't even spell his own surname.
    • It is just that aspirations at the club have tended towards the more ambitious side.
    • Each person has values, plans, aspirations, and feelings about how that life should go.
    • Government and landlords tried to keep the lid on rising wages and changing social aspirations.
    • Most important of all it aims to return to us a human face, a set of wants and needs, of aspirations and desires.
    • It is always easy to achieve equality for the many if we keep our aspirations fairly low.
    • Keep in mind your summer job does not have to be directly related to your career aspirations.
    • The team was well prepared and focussed and had genuine aspirations of bring home the cup.
    • That should never be a reason for ignoring the rights and aspirations of any group of people.
    • How do you harness the aspirations of your staff through career development opportunities?
    • We must win the argument for the investment we require in order to realise our collective aspirations.
    • She works hard for the money, and she also has aspirations to move on up into management.
    • Again, the bittersweet humour rested on aspirations never being truly realised.
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    aspiración feminine
    • If voicing is delayed, the voiceless region at the beginning of the vowel is known as aspiration.
    • She goes on to note that both English and Chinese make use of aspiration in their consonantal systems.