Translation of aspiring in Spanish:


aspirante, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈspaɪ(ə)rɪŋ/ /əˈspʌɪərɪŋ/

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    they're all aspiring artists todos aspiran a ser artistas
    • Despite minor problems, Greek is still a very addictive little show with some positive messages for aspiring college students.
    • Many younger voters know little about the aspiring senator.
    • She's probably an aspiring actress, or an aspiring something else.
    • Post-war Paris was a natural means of escape for the aspiring artist.
    • We have a great deal to offer to aspiring young people.
    • However, the international flavour of Alberti's classical style found favour with aspiring imperial clients far beyond Italy.
    • Events leading to marriage began with an initial meeting of the aspiring son-in-law with his perspective parents-in-law.
    • Access to prime agricultural lands in Hawaii has remained limited for the majority of aspiring new actors.
    • A recorded dramatization was provided, with gaps in the dialogue which aspiring thespians were invited to fill with their own emotive interpretations.
    • Luckily, there were about a hundred young aspiring entrepreneurs listening to him.
    • Jackie Chan has a message for aspiring action stars: Don't bow to me.
    • The Team Ireland Golf Trust has allocated a total of 240,000 to aspiring golfers who are pursuing their sporting careers on professional golf tours.
    • Mary is an aspiring herbalist who lives in Central Florida.
    • Good news for aspiring writers: Advances for first-time authors have blown sky-high.
    • There was once a young aspiring writer in the 19th century, who had everything going against him.
    • Clive Owen plays Jack, an aspiring writer who supports himself by parting punters from their money in a London casino.
    • The second aspiring revolutionary I met was a representative of all the stereotypes.
    • For aspiring underwater photographers the road to success is littered with obstacles.
    • Aspiring student designers wowed the audience with their creations at a spectacular fashion show in Selby Abbey.
    • It's a virtual textbook on visual storytelling for aspiring artists.