Translation of assail in Spanish:


atacar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈseɪl/

Definition of atacar in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    she was assailed by a group of journalists un grupo de periodistas se abalanzó sobre ella / la asedió
    • I was assailed by doubts me asaltaron las dudas
    • a feeling of helplessness assailed her la invadió una sensación de impotencia
    • Mixed feelings could assail you in relation to love.
    • New emotions assailed her so strongly she dropped to her knees with a moan.
    • He slid his arm around her and pulled her closer, closing his eyes under the feelings assailing him.
    • As you finally ascend the topmost mast, a faint vertigo assails you, but the adrenaline is buzzing.
    • When doubts assailed him, he got many scriptural reinforcements: ‘It is I, be not afraid - be not faithless, but believing.’
    • Terrors assailed him, tumbling over one another.
    • He started to get up and groaned aloud as all sorts of aches and pains assailed him.
    • Suddenly I was assailed by overwhelming apprehension.
    • Suddenly, she was assailed with a wave of dizziness.
    • For example, over a good fifty yards of my walk to the station today I was assailed by an unbelievably strong smell… of Parmesan.
    • We believe, though we are constantly assailed with doubt.
    • The strain of looking at him hurts so I turn my eyes in an easier direction, doubt assailing me.
    • However, when he woke up the following morning he was assailed by what he thought was ‘an unusual resinous smell’.
    • Suddenly, unwanted mental images assailed her, forcing her to swallow hard and blink to keep from reacting.
    • I remember the feelings that assailed me when I heard about the crash, even before the humanising details emerged - the names, the ages, the family circumstances.
    • As the old patterns die in their minds and the new ones begin to take shape, people are assailed by self-doubt and misgivings about their leaders.
    • As I visited old haunts I was once again assailed by familiar feelings of disgust.
    • Whatever the cause, the patient is assailed by the terrifying feeling of being out of control.
    • Beware of any impulses that assail you.
    • Ringing bells, whirring motors and flickering lights assailed the senses as one entered the darkened gallery from the street.
    • They approached warily, as though the food might leap up and assail their gullets violently.
    • Only then would the Assault Transports assail the station with their mere 250 Marines.
    • As one historian wrote, ‘All forms of property were assailed, all signs of wealth and privilege were attacked.’
    • To attack the first is not to assail the last - said Charlotte Bronte, English novelist
    • Yet her next note spoke of storms assailing the cottage and turbulence of fears and loneliness.
    • On Fifth and Sixth Avenues, cutting the length of Manhattan, are gauntlets of flag-sellers assailing vehicles at every stop light.
    • This was a particularly risky means of concluding a siege as the attackers using ladders would be continually assailed from above on their climb up the walls.
    • The player is armed with a gun - most fortunately, because he is being assailed by a seemingly unending succession of zombies.
    • They spread hatred for us with a psychotic mass murderer and then they assailed the capital and when we moved to accost them they mysteriously withdrew.
    • Knowing that his brother is frail, and more suited to school than to the front, he assails the train that is destined to take his sibling to the front lines.
    • The wind is blustering through the trees outside, and every so often assails the outside walls of my house as if testing their fortitude.
    • So the same Opposition that's assailing the Government for not dealing with crime would go ballistic if they found out that the Minister and his men were using unorthodox methods to rid us of the devils in the society.
    • He is quickly running out of excuses as to why his ministry has failed to make a dent in the plethora of criminal activity assailing the country.
    • The crowd became angry and quickly began assailing the police.
    • The two of them are seemingly set on assailing the South African population on as many fronts as possible.
    • The sea does not split, nor does the earth swallow up the terrorists who assail us every day.