Translation of assassin in Spanish:


asesino, n.

Pronunciation /əˈsæsn/ /əˈsasɪn/


  • 1

    asesino masculine
    asesina feminine
    hired assassin asesino a sueldo
    • She knew now he was not sleeping, and had been murdered by the assassins who lay dead on her floor.
    • Police believe the victim may not have even seen the assassin who murdered him with a single shot to the back.
    • This particular guild was a home to 75 of the best thieves, assassins and cut throats in Europe.
    • From his comment, Flynn obviously knew the reason why his assassin was there.
    • Cyanide is a colourless, lethal, water-soluble poison occasionally used by mafia assassins.
    • It focuses brilliantly on political intrigue and high stakes and assassins and crumbling empires.
    • He was murdered under mysterious circumstances; the assassin has never been found.
    • However, I was an assassin, trained to kill with or without a good reason.
    • The assassin hadn't killed him yet - that was important given the skill this man had.
    • We also give the name of the assassin who attempted three days ago to murder an SEP member.
    • Both presidents were assassinated in office and both assassins used their middle names for preference.
    • It's unlikely a professional assassin would have shown his face or made a getaway on foot.
    • After all, the assassins are willing to kill and wound hundreds to get one man.
    • One of the assassins was traced to the village of Lidice which was to pay a terrible price for having one of its townsfolk involved in this killing.
    • He would like to deny that history which depicts Turks as assassins, or apportion blame to the Armenians.
    • The real targets of these laws will not be bomb throwers or assassins.
    • The combination of the assassins, of time, of blame, and his own inevitable errors mean that someone else must take on the job.
    • The men who were on the terrace were obviously not the actual assassins.
    • She seeks revenge upon the other assassins with whom she worked.
    • Paramilitary assassins used live ammunition and shot to the head.