Translation of assassinate in Spanish:


asesinar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈsæsnˌeɪt/ /əˈsasɪneɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (a un personaje importante) asesinar
    to assassinate sb's character/reputation acabar con / arruinar la reputación de algn
    • It was the first time in modern history a Dutch political leader was assassinated.
    • Absolutely none of which is a reason to assassinate anyone.
    • A few months later he was assassinated in the midst of his army in October 1981.
    • Neither did it mention the plans to assassinate the foreign secretary and leading British political figures.
    • I'm going to interview the man that nobody has talked to, the man that has just been charge with assassinating the president.
    • Through the same entrance now goes the man accused of assassinating the president.
    • Two weeks ago a gunman nearly succeeded in assassinating the president.
    • It would be my last if I am assassinated on the way out of the Town Hall.
    • You can also see the car in which he was riding when he was assassinated in 1923.
    • Both presidents were assassinated in office and both assassins used their middle names for preference.
    • He was assassinated last week, though apparently not due to his views on immigration.
    • Some of these fascists are crazy and one of them might well have assassinated her.
    • The instructor puts a single bullet into a gun, and tells the first candidate, a man, to go and assassinate the person in the next room.
    • I told him I thought it was the right decision, given that one of the chaps he met over there has been accused of trying to assassinate the President.
    • At the top of the mountain, anti-cloning extremists assassinate him, and everyone else on board the helicopter, too.
    • He announced that he knew of the existence of someone trying to assassinate him, which frightens him.
    • Let's make that clear to our audience, lest they go running off and assassinate him in the courtroom.
    • Well, I think it would be a terrible thing for us to say we're just going to go in and assassinate the guy.