Translation of assault in Spanish:


agresión, n.

Pronunciation /əˈsɔlt/ /əˈsɔːlt/ /əˈsɒlt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(violence)

      agresión feminine
      assault and battery agresión con lesiones
      • In that case the appellant had been convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm by harassing his female victim.
      • The father was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, but was acquitted.
      • He has previous convictions for theft, robbery and assault causing actual bodily harm.
      • He admitted a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm.
      • The incident is being treated as an assault causing actual bodily harm.

    • 1.2

      (molestation) agresión sexual feminine
      (molestation) ataque contra la libertad sexual masculine
      (rape) violación feminine
      • Less than three weeks later he was reported for a physical assault on a young boy.
      • Physical assault on women by intimate partners is recognized widely as a leading cause of injury to women in the United States.
      • Other recent violent attacks include an assault on a couple who asked two boys to switch off their mobile phones during a film.
      • In 1885 corporal punishment was included in section four of the Criminal Law Amendment Act as the penalty for a sexual assault on a girl under thirteen years of age.
      • The sexual assault on two young girls highlighted in a sad and pathetic way that the town is not getting the required resources to tackle what seems to be a constant rise in violence in the area.
      • We received a complaint of a sexual assault on a young girl and had to respond with whatever resources were available to us.
      • On September 21, 2001 he committed a sexual assault on an unconscious man with a weapon.
      • Though the police spared him from physical assault on realising that they had arrested the wrong person, it took him nearly one month to secure his release.
      • Any obstruction or physical assault on his person, while discharging his official duties, should be viewed seriously.
      • Others are controlled by threats to themselves and their families back home; and others are coerced through brutal physical and sexual assaults.
      • Two vicious crimes, a serious sexual assault and a brutal attack, happened at almost the same time in different parts of town.
      • Police described it as a minor physical assault on a juvenile, apparently after some provocation.
      • The 1999 incident represented the third physical assault on the courageous activist in recent years.
      • The attack was the latest assault on the majority Shiite community.
      • Sexual assault and violence toward women were taboo subjects and under-reported.
      • Sexual assault is usually violence at the hands of someone the victim knows.
      • ‘A woman was arrested for an alleged assault on a man,’ a spokesman said.
      • The arrested woman was detained in connection with an allegation of controlling prostitutes for gain and also on suspicion of a violent assault on another woman.
      • On every fifth day, an average teacher will be assaulted or witness an assault on staff.
      • Activities such as theft can lead the offenders to worse crimes like homicide and sexual assaults.

  • 2

    • 2.1Military

      asalto masculine
      ataque masculine
      to make an assault on sth atacar algo
      • assault craft barcaza de asalto
      • assault troops tropas de asalto
      • On another occasion during his 11-month tour he led three assaults on an enemy position until it finally fell.
      • He might have escaped when the boats first started the assault on the house.
      • A military assault on the country cannot be ruled out - at least in the long term.
      • Last week hundreds of these soldiers launched an assault on their own military headquarters.
      • Least of all should we cheer-lead a military assault on an already terrified, bloody and starving country.
      • In response, the army launched a military assault on the facility in which the men were being held, demolishing parts of the building.
      • I began to write a response - from the safety of my nice cosy flat - when the news came through that the military assault had begun.
      • Rockets and automatic fire stream over your head as you try and hold off the assault on your position.
      • Both Indian and Pakistan forces found that an assault on well-defended positions was extremely costly.
      • Owing to the fact that modem operations have an air-land character, combating enemy airborne assault and raid forces is acquiring special urgency.
      • As battles raged across the city centre, 15 militants mounted an assault on a police station near the airport.
      • Troops also faked attacks before the assault to confuse enemy fighters.
      • The player will be presented with a wide array of scenarios, from VIP rescue missions to stealth incursions to full frontal assaults against hordes of enemies.
      • The series begins with a ferocious military assault.
      • The men moved off in small groups towards their assault positions.
      • The city fell just 21 days after the initial assaults, and military analysts describe the campaign as historic, even brilliant.
      • Excessive speed may require that the MICLIC spend more time at the assault position rather than moving quickly forward to fire.
      • There is nothing wrong with employing a brigade to conduct a raid or as the assault element of a major encroachment.
      • So can we expect an military assault version of the two-wheeled wonder?
      • Frontal assaults were always attempted as a last resort, but they were costly, and their failures eroded political resolve back home.

    • 2.2(onslaught)

      ataque masculine
      arremetida feminine
      assault on sth ataque a algo
      arremetida contra algo

      • an assault on Everest
      • the firm is preparing for an assault on the market
      • After breakfast, and another sitting, I bundled up and attempted the assault on Marga Point.
      • These are hectic days for him and the Irish Chamber Orchestra is now primed for a serious assault on the competitive world of concert performances.

transitive verb

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    (use violence against)
    • He later pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer and was sentenced to one day in jail.
    • He pleaded guilty to assaulting the sergeant on June 24.
    • A teaching assistant has been cleared of assaulting a teenager who bombarded his house with snowballs.
    • One of the allegations was that an educator was still using corporal punishment and had recently assaulted learners by slapping and punching them.
    • But his character towards her quickly changed as he began regularly assaulting her, including punching her in the stomach causing her to lose their baby.
    • The gang assaulted the couple with clubs, pliers and a torch.
    • Several activists were even assaulted by delegates who punched and kicked them before the Secret Service arrested them.
    • In August last year staff were threatened by gunmen and customers made to lie on the floor by four men who stole thousands of pounds and assaulted one worker.
    • He also assaulted a woman by slapping her when she refused to give him money.
    • The men assaulted the guards, knocking the male to the floor and kicking and punching him while pointing a gun at him.
    • Apparently, on Sunday, August 18, he assaulted his wife, beating her up pretty badly.
    • Police were today hunting two men after a man was viciously assaulted and knocked unconscious outside a nightspot.
    • Groups of teenagers slap or otherwise assault unsuspecting members of the public and record the incident on their camera phones.
    • When military forces are assaulting civilians, commanders often try to prevent media from telling true stories with pictures and words.
    • The Executive is considering introducing legislation to make it an offence to obstruct or assault any emergency worker carrying out his or her job.
    • Police today retraced the steps of a vicious gang who assaulted two guards before raiding a security van for thousands of pounds of cash.
    • Militants assaulted business managers and extorted money they claimed was compensation for unfair dismissals.
    • As a teenager, he faced his first court judgement after assaulting the local parish priest.
    • In the parking lot of the center, Alice was assaulted, knocked down, and her purse was stolen.
    • The claimant was a police officer who alleged that a fellow police officer sexually assaulted her while they were both off duty.
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    agredir sexualmente