Translation of assault rifle in Spanish:

assault rifle

rifle de asalto, n.


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    rifle de asalto masculine
    • The sniper carries his sniper rifle as well as an assault rifle or machine pistol for close-in fighting.
    • The sub-machine gun and my assault rifle used the same ammo and both were able to use the silencer.
    • He brought his katana up at his side as the marine fired his assault rifle in an uncharacteristic panic.
    • After that, I slung on my sniper rifle, and my assault rifle, and loaded each of them.
    • He began to open fire with his assault rifle for as long as he could.
    • One of the men jumped out and opened fire with an assault rifle.
    • He said the gun was not a toy, as had been claimed, but a working replica of an army assault rifle which fired plastic pellets and ball bearings.
    • The victims include people randomly shot dead with a handgun or an assault rifle.
    • Those items are not found, but what are found are an assault rifle and a shotgun purchased subsequently.
    • Hearing the assault rifle fire again, he drew his pistol and slipped into the room.
    • Other footage showed an armed man firing single shots from an assault rifle at the back of the heads of 11 others.
    • The M60 is a heavy assault rifle with a high rate of fire and a large capacity.
    • A video released by the group showed the bomber posing with a grenade launcher and an assault rifle.
    • They were armed with home-made grenades and an assault rifle and were shot dead by an army escort.
    • However, the rapid firing assault rifle proved most useful in ambushes.
    • He would slip out of the house carrying an assault rifle and five small boxes of bullets and go to the southern edge of the city to shoot at soldiers.
    • Police discovered a stash of weed and an assault rifle fitted with a sniper's scope and a silencer.
    • For those that aren't familiar with SKSs, they're a Chinese-type assault rifle.
    • His plane flew over another suspected poachers' camp, where he spotted a horseman with an assault rifle.
    • I think sight of an assault rifle may just do the trick.