Translation of assegai in Spanish:


azagaya, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæsəˌɡaɪ/ /ˈasəɡʌɪ/


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    azagaya feminine
    • Inside the village, park visitors could divide their attention, and their spare change, between a fortune-telling ‘bone thrower’ and a neutered ‘warrior,’ harmlessly gyrating with his assegai and shield.
    • Their assailants were armed with knobkierries, assegais and machetes.
    • Police recovered five rifles, 18 sidearms, 84 bullets, and 700 assegais in follow-up house-to-house searches.
    • A large cache of weapons, including assegais, pangas, and axes, was confiscated, most of which were concealed in nearby forests.
    • There're a lot of interesting things to buy: tyre sandals, walking sticks, assegais, knobkerries, bead necklaces, Zulu pots and drums.
    • A police presence has been established to stabilise the area after 171 men were arrested and rifles, sidearms, ammunition, assegais and pangas seized.
    • It had an effect just like the longbow at Agincourt - and the Gatling gun, which eventually defeated the Zulus with their assegais.
    • By the 1870s, mounted cavalry with muzzle-loaders, even breech-loaders, rather than foot soldiers with shields and assegais, were the spearhead of a number of surviving African armies.
    • They carried no javelins, only the largest assegai.
    • Traditional surgeons such as Ntsasa are invited to workshops to teach them how to sterilise assegais and prevent the spread of HIV-Aids or other diseases.
    • They can inherit anything from as little as an assegai to as much as a few beasts.
    • Painted in pink, with black and white drawings of Zulu shields and assegais and cast-iron three-legged pots on the walls, the conference building can hold up to 500 people.
    • He was presented with a traditional shield, assegai and a framed picture of African heritage.
    • Ordinarily he would be pinned to a banyan tree with an assagai before he'd read sports pages.
    • The irreplaceable steel-bladed assegai were saved for close-in work.