Translation of assemblywoman in Spanish:


miembro de una asamblea legislativa, n.

Pronunciation /əˈsɛmbliˌwʊmən/ /əˈsɛmblɪˌwʊmən/

nounplural assemblywomen

  • 1

    (in US)
    miembro de una asamblea legislativa feminine
    • The money also paid for summer interns for both officials and flooring for the assemblywoman's district office, authorities said.
    • After-hours calls to the assemblywoman's offices in the Bronx and Albany were not immediately returned.
    • The judge delivered the sentence to a courtroom filled with the former assemblywoman's supporters.
    • A Democratic assemblywoman peered 400 years back into history to King James I.
    • A state assemblywoman has defended it, saying the plan is a way to reduce the federal deficit.
    • Every year since 2005, Margaret M. Markey, a New York State assemblywoman, has introduced a bill to extend the statute of limitations for five more years, a modest increase.
    • She is set to collect government pensions from two jobs, as an assemblywoman and as a department head at a county-run hospital.
    • A bill was recently proposed by a California state assemblywoman banning the use of Indian logos and mascots in public institutions.
    • Last weekend I talked to the assemblywoman behind the proposed law.
    • She's a little-known assemblywoman from the northern part of Nevada.
    • The Long Island state assemblywoman complained, 'I don't know where we're going to find it without raising taxes.'
    • After her election as a state assemblywoman in California in 1982, Gloria Molina was voted into the Los Angeles City Council in 1987.
    • In a few weeks, one of them will be sworn in as an assemblywoman representing Flushing, making her the first Asian-American woman to be elected to the State Legislature.
    • I want to bring in the assemblywoman right now because you're part of this panel investigating Bridgegate.
    • A local Assemblywoman was quoted as saying, 'We're going through some extraordinary times.'
    • 'Climate changes resulting from auto emissions have already had a dramatic impact on the environment of this state,' says the state assemblywoman who authored the bill seeking the CO 2 curbs.
    • A state assemblywoman who represents parts of Northern Westchester and Putnam County was host to a forum on this topic at Cortlandt Town Hall here.
    • A retired Democratic assemblywoman runs the committee that organizes the shelter, where she has been a volunteer since 1986.