Translation of assent in Spanish:


asentimiento, n.

Pronunciation /əˈsɛnt/


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    asentimiento masculine
    aprobación feminine
    asenso masculine formal
    to give one's assent to sth dar su conformidad a algo
    • the royal assent la aprobación / sanción real
    • Both ambassadors nodded assent, as did the Council President as he looked around the room.
    • Imagine your private thrill when everyone in the congregation nodded assent.
    • I nodded assent, and promptly closed my eyes and began to daydream.
    • Everyone nodded and murmured their assent, and then began to shout out suggestions.
    • The others nodded their assent and went back to their respective homes.
    • The most honourable manner of signifying their assent, is to express their applause by the sound of their arms.
    • This doubt spreads to the narrator's reliance on the narratee's assent and approval.
    • When it is a case of majority assent or approval, issues arise as to the effect on the minority.
    • For example, the voice actors issue pre-recorded phone calls and their conversations are such that all you can do is nod or assent.
    • I nodded in assent, and slowly moved forward to embrace my coach, mentor, and friend in a gesture of thanks.
    • Her eyes held him steady and he breathed deeply before nodding in assent.
    • He stared at me for a moment, as if searching for the proper response, and then finally nodded in assent.
    • She is the sort of person who, if you called her an unregenerate hippie, might proudly nod assent.
    • It is a deviation from the party line, but a murmur of assent goes up.
    • There were murmurs of assent before the messenger replied.
    • A few murmurs of assent ran down the table's length at that remark.
    • Parental consent and child assent was received from all dyads.
    • These ordinances were read out before the community at a further churchyard meeting in September and received community assent.
    • They indicate those objects toward which and those areas within which every human being is entitled to act without securing further permission or assent.
    • The thesis received respectful attention, but it did not win assent or committed followers.

intransitive verb

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    expresar su conformidad
    to assent to sth acceder a algo
    consentir en algo
    expresar su conformidad con algo