Translation of assertion in Spanish:


afirmación, n.

Pronunciation /əˈsərʃ(ə)n/ /əˈsəːʃ(ə)n/


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    afirmación feminine
    aseveración feminine
    aserto masculine formal
    • He is criticizing the assertion that to weigh more than that is to be obese.
    • If not, doesn't this simply verify the assertion that such orders are a joke in this Internet age?
    • In practice, there are many venture capitalists who will protest the assertion that all they want is to make a quick buck.
    • For once the assertion that this is television that will ask questions seems very likely to be true.
    • Free will, as I understand it, is the assertion that a person is the cause of their own actions.
    • This is the polite version of the assertion that there is nothing so absurd that some philosopher has not said it.
    • This disproves the assertion that tyranny is impossible to impose on an armed population.
    • It is usually regarded as an assertion that we are all the same under the skin.
    • As for her assertion that our community leaders are working towards cohesion, I should think they are!
    • There may be room for the assertion that the bailiff was not tactful and that his firmness and size intimidated those in that room.
    • Imposing such a ban requires far more compelling logic than the assertion that we should not play God.
    • I politely disagree with the assertion that it was didactic and lengthy.
    • Finally, the assertion that everything happens by necessity seems to leave the whole of morality in doubt.
    • Moreover, the assertion that moral agency confers special moral status is itself quite debatable.
    • This has lead to the assertion that a butterfly flapping its wings in Japan may affect the weather in Europe within a week or two.
    • That can be the only basis for the assertion that the safety issue is a myth.
    • Each time he gets a black cube it confirms the assertion that all six cubes are black.
    • The working class at home is beginning to be starved, and is being buoyed up with the assertion that this is the last great war.
    • This amounts, of course, to an assertion that we can easily put aside economic law.
    • For the record, in case anyone is thinking it, the assertion that women are worse at maths is also utter rubbish.
    • That was a novel and quite astounding assertion at that stage of human legal development.
    • At the function that I attended, too, a number of articles spoke of this assertion on their past.
    • The events since the last two elections support this assertion, a point to which I will return.
    • This last assertion is one of the simplest paradoxes of liberalism.
    • I showed that none of the archival references in her footnotes supported this assertion.
    • The falsity of this assertion would have been found if it had been checked.
    • Many would no doubt take issue with me on that simple assertion, citing personal reasons why it is not so.
    • Anyone who disagrees with this assertion should of course be ready for my temper tantrum.
    • Almost every assertion is backed by a sackful of evidence, statistics or relevant quotations.
    • It is this assertion which will be tested in a referendum vote, probably next March.
    • The amount of water used to put out the twelve minute bonfire proves this assertion.
    • A rescue operation in May this year brutally revealed the truth of this assertion.
    • If one rejects that assertion, does the imperialism of human rights really sound so bad?
    • Whether this assertion is accurate is of course a different matter.
    • While this assertion appears disarmingly simple, it is profound in its implications.
    • Any objective scrutiny of the list of banned organisations makes a mockery of this last assertion.
    • Nor has any evidence been made public as of this writing to justify the prime minister's assertion.
    • No documentation was produced to verify that assertion, nor was her son called as a witness at trial.
    • The critical question, in relation to the appeal, is whether this assertion is correct.
    • Experiments conducted in the field and the lab are a major basis for this assertion.
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    reafirmación feminine