Translation of asset in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈæsɛt/ /ˈasɛt/


  • 1

    (valuable quality)
    asset to sth/sb
    the city's greatest asset el mayor atractivo de la ciudad
    • her beauty/intelligence is her greatest asset su belleza/inteligencia es su gran baza
    • knowledge of French would be an asset se valorarán conocimientos de francés
    • living so centrally will be an asset while you're working there vivir en un lugar tan céntrico va a significar una gran ventaja mientras estés trabajando allí
    • These people have proven themselves to be a valuable asset to growers in this district.
    • He has got excellent control, good vision and he will be an asset to this club.
    • His experience in church leadership, web and media would be a great asset to any church.
    • The junior Saturday morning drama class is a valued asset to many children.
    • For what we do, whether it's the animation or the music side, it's an asset to have both viewpoints.
    • The player is too prized an asset to sell to a rival at a bargain price.
    • This is a great asset to the community as many need to make this journey for work and medical care.
    • We should view the green belt as an appropriate setting for the city and an asset to its future generations.
    • He spoke of the beauty of the course and its location and said the club was a huge asset to tourism.
    • They are a highly-qualified couple and would be a wonderful asset to this country.
    • She will be a great asset to the team and we wish her every success in her new post.
    • She would be an enormous asset to this country and she is a very special case.
    • Used correctly the trail and its viaducts will become a major asset to the area.
    • He will be a decided asset to the city team where he has resided for a number of years.
    • The bridge would be an asset to both the local community and to visitors from further afield.
    • He also says that it will be established in 12 months and will be an asset to the borough.
    • Point out to them that giving you what you want is going to be an asset to the company.
    • His obvious passion for the game and attitude to work would be a great asset to anyone.
    • I agree this is an attractive project and the waterway would be an asset to the city but there is still one problem.
    • The walkways and riverside areas are very attractive and a great asset to the town.
  • 2assets plural

    activo masculine
    current/fixed assets activo circulante/fijo
    • assets and liabilities activo y pasivo
    • personal assets bienes muebles
    • However, net wealth is the value of our total assets less our financial liabilities.
    • But this would have happened based on the value of the assets in the balance sheet.
    • There are no profits and no dividend, and the assets are valued at just 60p per share.
    • It depends on the value of the available assets and the amounts due to the other creditors.
    • The net effect of expanding assets with this financing mix has been a declining reliance on debt.
    • Over this period, pension funds saw the value of their assets crash, since they invest largely in shares.
    • The sources of base money are the net foreign and domestic assets of the central bank.
    • It also ignores non-cash items such as depreciation of assets and the amortisation of acquisitions.
    • Any tax on them increases the possibility that the scheme will not have sufficient assets to meet liabilities.
    • This directive says an insurance firm can trade if its assets meet its liabilities.
    • So, it looks as if the safest way to achieve the biggest pot of net assets at retirement is paying off that debt.
    • It is the subsidiaries that hold the operating assets that are of value in a liquidation.
    • The currency fund can be leveraged up to five times the value of its underlying assets.
    • The general rule is to secure enough insurance to cover the total value of all your assets.
    • Negative equity is a situation in which the amount borrowed exceeds the value of the assets secured against that loan.
    • Assess the true value of the assets and use this value as the basis for calculating the return generated.
    • But if the market falls, the fall in the value of the trust assets is also exaggerated.
    • This transaction could result in an income tax bill today if the assets have appreciated in value.
    • The company's current stock market value is marginally less than its net assets.
    • They also charge on the basis of such factors as the value of the assets, urgency and complexity.