Translation of assiduity in Spanish:


diligencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæsəˈd(j)uədi/ /ˌasɪˈdjuːɪti/


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    diligencia feminine
    • Yet the young mother also hoped the girl could develop the characteristics of persistence, independence and assiduity.
    • This valuable volume confirms the dedicated assiduity with which Crawford Seeger channelled her ‘modernist’ instincts into the most refined kind of folk-song transcription she could manage.
    • This he followed with patient assiduity, and a mind ever open to the lessons of piety and benevolence which such a study is so well calculated to afford.
    • When he arrives home with his newspaper he dons his spectacles and, ignoring the front and back pages, proceeds to peruse the death notices with the utmost assiduity.
    • In the 1960s, a Beijing toilet cleaner surnamed Chen made a name for himself by carrying out his job with great assiduity.
    • And when she portrays a horse or a tiger on the canvas, her assiduity gives it a professional touch.
    • He is loved internationally for his academic assiduity and penchant for historical research.
    • The sense of identity formed by one's assiduity as a listener or an amateur performer was by now so strong as to require some determination in order to be rejected.
    • A myth of Merrie Africa was fostered with assiduity, an ideal of timeless village community as appealing to radicals and socialists as to conservatives.
    • It is true that I was aware of the lack of oral instruction, but I tried to replace this by even more assiduity.
    • Henry VII's councillors were all selected for their ability, assiduity, shrewdness, and loyalty.
    • The officers however, pursued their investigation with the utmost assiduity and with not a little skill.
    • The young secretary's assiduity rapidly won him esteem, and some dislike.
    • This man is a serious politician: one can deduce that from the assiduity with which he eschews politics.
    • A response to this position, of course, would be that the assiduity with which Carroll cultivated friendships with small girls seems out of proportion to such a purpose.
    • Despite the assiduity and rigor of the performers, modern dance was generally promoted and received as a pastime for females.
    • I do not think that it is fair just or reasonable that the extent of the liability of the defendants should depend on the assiduity of the surveyors instructed by the claimants.
    • It depends on the zeal, the assiduity, or the nervousness of the individual.
    • He cultivated his role as a celebrity with all the assiduity common to our media stars today.