Translation of assiduous in Spanish:


diligente, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈsɪdʒuəs/ /əˈsɪdjʊəs/


  • 1

    (student) diligente
    (student) aplicado
    (visitor) asiduo
    • Yet the result of this assiduous attention to presentation was that the image became too self-conscious.
    • I accept that Larry could have been more assiduous in his search.
    • The manager has the right to expect that his workers will be careful and assiduous.
    • The leaders of the tribe began the assiduous task of sending the entire clan under miles of glacial ice, silently hoping to avoid catastrophe.
    • The early days of the Orchestra required assiduous fundraising efforts by its supporters, sometimes at considerable cost to themselves.
    • The opposition has been assiduous in considering the issues and developing solutions consistent with the principled position it has taken on the bill.
    • He has always been an assiduous listener to radio.
    • The member is being a very assiduous local member.
    • He was assiduous in his support for the subject.
    • This process was backed up by some assiduous courting of those ‘inferior’ partners even before they formally acceded.
    • Great advances were achieved in people's lives simply by the work of an assiduous and committed group of women on a massive scale.
    • The programme is assiduous in emphasising its Celtic credentials.
    • Some middle managers are assiduous in protecting their territory.
    • For the assiduous trekker who throws away the route map you can find a watering hole with rich across-the-pond life.
    • He was assiduous in checking and double checking dates in parish records and in the various census.
    • Plus, being an assiduous multi-tasker, he had other things he needed to accomplish on this record.
    • It is something of a myth that detectives solve crimes by assiduous collection of evidence.
    • His spin doctors have been so assiduous in building images of him that the real man has remained invisible behind them.
    • You can never quite relax, even with the most assiduous efforts at procrastination.
    • After a decade or so of assiduous tweezering, the brow hairs will indeed be discouraged and will not grow back.