Translation of assistance in Spanish:


ayuda, n.

Pronunciation /əˈsɪstəns/ /əˈsɪst(ə)ns/


  • 1

    ayuda feminine
    asistencia feminine formal
    assistance in sth/-ing
    assistance with sth ayuda con algo
    to give assistance to sb prestarle ayuda a algn
    • with the assistance of sb/sth con la ayuda de algn/algo
    • Pen nodded and with the assistance of the nurse she was able to get out of the bed and into the wheel chair.
    • I wish to publicly record my gratitude to those whose support and assistance made this possible.
    • I owe many people my thanks for their support and assistance during the preparation of this book.
    • Offer him your assistance and give it freely; it's the best investment you can make.
    • As the people in the area learn of their plight, they offer assistance in various ways.
    • Donors give to the food bank because they want to help people who need assistance.
    • If you have three hours a week to help then your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    • Careful regulation of use of this route continues with the full backing and assistance of user groups.
    • We need their assistance in our work in Parliament and in local government.
    • A mobile phone was used to summon up assistance, and the next-door keeper turned out to help.
    • A man in a boat tries to rescue him, but he declines assistance; God will save him.
    • In an attempt to remain neighbourly I inquired as to her need for assistance.
    • At higher speed, on the open road, the steering receives less power assistance.
    • They are ready to provide immediate assistance from their warehouse in Dubai.
    • I decided that actually this was one situation where it might be OK to offer assistance.
    • Most of them need assistance in activities such as taking a shower or tying a shoelace.
    • The club would appreciate any assistance both on and off the field from the members.
    • Additional assistance may also be considered for the most vulnerable patients.
    • They tried to resuscitate him and continued to give assistance after paramedics arrived.
    • May I, through your columns, thank this young farmer for the help and assistance he gave me.