Translation of assistant in Spanish:


dependiente, n.

Pronunciation /əˈsɪstənt/ /əˈsɪst(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    (in shop)
    dependiente masculine
    dependienta feminine
    empleado masculine Latin America
    empleada feminine Latin America
    • He went to work as an administrative assistant with a legitimate arms dealer but failed to impress.
    • She returned to the store and, with the help of a more sympathetic assistant, found a wig she liked.
    • The equally sheepish assistant fiddled with the mouse and looked blankly at the screen.
    • When a few grey curls of smoke started sliding out, a young male assistant hurried over.
    • We have taken over the two remaining staff and will soon have a new assistant vet and nurse.
    • It was truly kind of the hairdresser to come to my house with his bonny male assistant.
    • I don't often have to have that many new assistants, people do tend to stop around here.
    • His special interest was dermatology in which he held an appointment as clinical assistant.
    • The former care assistant said the aerobics was having a positive effect on her attitude to the illness.
    • The job cuts will be mainly among cash desk assistants in administrative and support departments.
    • She is also a part-qualified accountant and trained assistant care home manager.
    • We've got a good team, and we've got two good assistant coaches as well so they can probably take a bit of credit.
    • Julie had to give up work as a school support assistant because she is afraid to leave her son alone in the house.
    • As home care assistants work about 12 hours a week, on average, most of them are not covered by the law.
    • Some £174,000 was found for nine new health care assistants to help ease the burden on the midwives.
    • But when people come out of hospital, the people who look after them if they need care are home care assistants.
    • But what about the nurses and the care assistants and the nursery workers?
    • The health authorities had also withdrawn funding to provide care assistants.
    • I have a social worker, who keeps changing, and there are care assistants who help me with the handling and turning.
    • The service provides nurses, care assistants, locum doctors, teachers and social workers.
    • The jobs on offer range from betting assistants to managers of off-course betting centres.
    • The company has taken on retail managers, cashiers and assistants and is already doing a roaring trade.
    • All hurling team managers, their assistants and parents are asked to attend.
    • Sub-managers and senior assistants flashed about the store in all directions seeking cash.
    • He's signed other strikers and there's an assistant manager who will have his own views on things.
    • After that he said his client left the education system and got a job as an assistant manager of a clothes shop in the town.
    • We spoke to an assistant manager, but he refused to comment or give his name.
    • He was the assistant manager of an art gallery in Mayfair and a clever cook.
    • I tried talking to her to keep her calm while someone went to get the assistant manager of the club.
    • As they moved round to the main body of the pub they were seen by the assistant manager.
    • I used to be an assistant manager at one of the big chain stores in America.
    • He has years of experience as an assistant manager and is very eager to take the next step.
    • I find that the assistant manager or floor supervisor is a good person to pick on in large or chain stores.
    • It will be a closed project with a full-time project manager and two full-time assistants.
    • There are also a dozen editorial assistants, three data managers and six freelance readers.
    • The assistant director here marshals the room, which takes one pressure off.
    • Our assistant director typed out every word spoken in the book in correct order as a reference document.
    • The assistant director quit because he didn't believe that the film could be made.
    • The manager called out to an assistant in the back of the shop to bring a glass of water.
    • To restart the project we had to formally request permission from the assistant director.
  • 2

    (subordinate, helper)
    ayudante masculine, feminine
    clerical assistant auxiliar administrativo
    • managerial assistant ayudante de dirección
  • 3British language assistant

    (in university) ayudante masculine, feminine
    (in school) auxiliar de lengua masculine, feminine
    (in university) lector masculine Spain
    (in university) lectora feminine Spain


  • 1

    adjunto masculine
    adjunta feminine