Translation of association in Spanish:


asociación, n.

Pronunciation /əˌsoʊsiˈeɪʃ(ə)n/ /əˌsoʊʃiˈeɪʃ(ə)n/ /əsəʊʃɪˈeɪʃ(ə)n/ /əsəʊsɪˈeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    asociación feminine
    trade / trading association asociación comercial
    • Article 130 provides that ministers cannot form associations for political purposes or rally in favor of or against any candidate, political party or association.
    • Few in democratic societies dispute the right of citizens to come together in peaceful associations to pursue common purposes.
    • The visit concluded with a joint committee of both associations on Sunday morning.
    • Most of the students were completely unaware of the debate surrounding the name of the association until publication of your article.
    • We must stop hiding in our little comfort zones such as political parties, service clubs, associations and other groupings.
    • The competition is open to everyone, individuals, clubs, associations, companies and business people.
    • Institutions will face crippling fines of $100 per student if they collect levies or charges that in any way finance student unions, associations, clubs or services.
    • The No Name Club is a national association for young people which promotes a lifestyle where alcohol and drugs are unnecessary.
    • Although the college's board of governors may still veto the association's name, they are unlikely to overrule the students.
    • She believes there must be some unscrupulous people using the association's name to get money.
    • The militaristic name of the association was chosen to suggest its aggressive, progressive spirit.
    • The association's social committee organises twice yearly quiz nights, an annual coach outing, and a free Christmas party every year for the children of members.
    • Religious groups, political parties, ethnic associations, trade unions and student bodies were represented.
    • This includes cooperatives and related state and national co-op associations, educational institutions and federal programs.
    • When they begin to work with other individuals, schools, associations, businesses, and government service providers, there is no limit to what they can accomplish.
    • Civil society associations like churches, service clubs, sporting clubs and arts groups are the most likely settings for these relationships.
    • With that in mind, corporations, associations, and government agencies clearly have a vested interest in working together to overcome this challenge.
    • It may be obtained through trade journals, business associations, academic institutions and vocational groups.
    • We students all realize the charitable service the association performs for us.
    • The same is true with the name of the association.
  • 2

    relación feminine
    association with sb/sth relación con algn/algo
    freedom of association libertad de asociación
    • Planning has started, with steering committees being set up in each state in association with other professional and industry associations.
    • The council is organising similar events in association with residents' associations, at estates around the town.
    • In association with Avinashilingam University, it conducted a seminar on ‘Legal awareness and prime steps’ for the college students recently.
    • In association with the AIB GAA Club Championships, AIB locally ran an art competition to coincide with Mount Sion's success in the competition.
    • In association with the Bertie Bowl project, the new government has also pledged to build extra facilities, both locally and nationally, which will serve the needs of sporting bodies.
    • In association with South West Mayo Leader Co., the Mayo Citizens Information Centre has now established a Pilot Rural Outreach Service in Newport.
    • In association with Bagenalstown Floral Festival, the group is hoping to exhibit the work of Carlow artists in all media, known and unknown.
    • In association with the Environmental Section of Limerick County Council we will be organising a parish clean-up shortly.
    • In association with the industry and Enterprise Ireland, he had commissioned a study of the dairy processing sector.
    • In association with the Midland Health Board they are currently running a new day care service for people with dementia.
    • Fondly recalling their association with Cooper, many of the exhibitors said that her love for dogs was ‘amazing’ and she had a mature eye for them.
    • In association with BBC Education, BBC Local Radio has devised a competition for nine and ten year olds.
    • In association with Talkback, viewers are challenged to write a poem of no more than fourteen lines on the theme of first love.
    • In association with his friend he is also thinking of opening a film information centre for movie buffs.
    • A seminar, sponsored by Ballinrobe Credit Union, in association with AWARE, was held recently in Ballinrobe Community School.
    • Harriman's early railroad involvement led to an association with Stuyvesant Fish and then to affiliation with the Illinois Central.
    • A guiding principle of any free society is voluntary association.
    • These are people who are, obviously, acquiring their most popular and useful apparel items through a promotional connection to their company or association.
    • Other than that, there is no association between the two companies.
    • Mayor Collins recalled that the history of the associations between Ireland and France went back 200 years.
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    (mental link)
    asociación feminine
    association of ideas asociación de ideas
    • what associations does the word have for you? ¿con qué asocias la palabra?
    • I didn't make the association between the product and the company no asocié el producto con la compañía
    • Well, this scent is not a smell that is detected with the nose; it is an information scent, based on our mental associations between concepts.
    • It's a good idea to make mental associations between their appearance and their name.
    • The music will also explore the associations between the church and the neighbouring Abbey, which was founded by Richard, Earl of Cornwall in the 13 th century.
    • The focus was loose enough to allow a free flow of associations between parts of the exhibition, yet tight enough to communicate the underlying concepts.
    • Such information would have helped viewers make more meaningful associations between what has been videoed and what has not.
    • Though it may be coincidence, there are questionable associations between her supposed purity and her very fair skin.
    • The ensuing relationship was one of several associations between Zanzibar filmmakers and Warhol's factory scene.
    • Although associations between power and sex may be related to sexual aggression, other elements must come into play in order for the power-sex-aggression linkage to develop.
    • As outlined in the introduction, postcards showing air travel-related subjects attempt to raise positive associations between the onlooker and the airlines.
    • The strongest independent associations between current reduced health and past data were for physical symptoms and neuroticism.
    • Of course, by virtue of association, your friend's shameless ogling makes you look just as desperate, most likely to the very people you might otherwise have had a shot with.
    • This kind of temporal association presents a special challenge to older adults.
    • Viewing his own father as a top role model, McGraw recognizes the value of such generational experience in managing companies with strong family association.