Translation of associative in Spanish:


asociativo, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈsoʊʃiˌeɪdɪv/ /əˈsoʊsiˌeɪdɪv/ /əˈsoʊʃ(i)ədɪv/ /əˈsoʊsiədɪv/ /əˈsəʊʃ(ɪ)ətɪv/ /əˈsəʊsɪətɪv/


  • 1

    (memory) asociativo
    (law/operation) Mathematics asociativo
    • We may be informed, for example, that the numbers have a dense linear ordering, that there are associative and commutative operations of addition and multiplication, and so on.
    • These two rules are called the commutative and associative laws for multiplication.
    • He then extended his father's work on associative algebras and worked on mathematical logic and set theory.
    • His main work was on associative algebras, non-associative algebras, and Riemann matrices.
    • What are the associative, commutative, distributive, and equality properties?
    • The link between associative learning and fitness in such insects in not an obvious one.
    • First, the epidemiologic studies are associative and do not indicate a definite causal link between smoking and decreased risk of disease.
    • Through typical associative learning, the wasps can learn to link this chemical scent to their food.
    • Because values are determined by communities rather than just by individuals, teens must be free to openly discuss how their associative groups - whether religious or secular - answer these questions.
    • The wildly associative script skips through historical periods as well as genres, and one of the high points is an incredibly dynamic, eight-page verse monologue.
    • It's a densely allusive, punning, always associative flow that manages to keep its narrative movement alive with dizzying glances in all directions along the way.
    • They treat them as unequal under the law, as lacking full civil capacity, as not having the property rights, associative liberties, and employment rights of males.
    • The experience of associative discovery is lost.
    • Like electronic media, your eye keeps flicking back and forth over the images trying to decipher them, creating little associative narratives in your mind.
    • This involves a form of associative learning (learning from the association between an action and the reinforcer), rather than any insight.
    • What's important is the associative habits people have and, crudely put, who they're prepared to trust.
    • There is some associative evidence that steroid use can increase the risk of prostate cancer, but this link has yet to be borne out in a laboratory setting.
    • Nevertheless, we chatted a bit about how inept we both were at making turkey and the associative guilt we felt at being relegated to mashing potatoes.
    • We love it when a painter drops you into uncertain territory, where all reference points are speculative and you're left to your own associative devices.
    • So they turned to another method called associative dating.
    • Full of associative forms, his works are often question marks that invite multiple interpretations.
    • My memory, for what it's worth, works in a vague, associative way.
    • The dance adds different layers to that, in an associative way.
    • He seemed to know where everything was and, more than this, was able to summon from memory its aesthetic and associative merit.
    • Thinking in the intuitive mode is swift, effortless, and associative, whereas thinking in the rational mode takes time and effort.