Translation of assurance in Spanish:


seguridad en sí mismo, n.

Pronunciation /əˈʃʊrəns/ /əˈʃʊər(ə)ns/

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    she gave me her assurance that it would be finished on time me aseguró / me garantizó que se terminaría a tiempo
    • you have our assurance on that se lo aseguramos / se lo garantizamos
    • Safety assurances cannot be guaranteed because there is always a first time for incidents to happen.
    • Oral guarantees or assurances are worthless should a dispute arise in the future.
    • Some analysts and Western diplomats, however, are skeptical of their assurances.
    • He repeatedly sought assurances to this effect over a period of three years.
    • This came despite earlier assurances from the store's administrators that jobs would be safe.
    • After lengthy and heated debates, many assurances were given by Bexley Council about the new building.
    • They were frightened until our men gave them food, clothing, and assurances of safety.
    • Despite assurances from the top, many employees at the Kendal plant left work last week in fear of losing their jobs.
    • Mrs Muir said assurances were given to MPs as late as last month that there would be no compulsory redundancies.
    • Wall Street ignored his assurances that the long-term prospects were largely unaffected.
    • Contempt proceedings were dismissed after the men gave assurances that they would abide by the court ruling.
    • He is waiting for assurances from the British Government that he will not be arrested when he arrives in the country.
    • So we should welcome the assurances given by the trust this week that the facility's future is absolutely safe.
    • The job losses earlier this year came despite assurances made last October that there would be no mass job losses.
    • He added his assurances that there were no current plans to sell or close the site.
    • They want assurances from the Department that every case will be treated on its own merits.
    • Even after assurances that the crash was an accident, many still believe the worst.
    • But Mr Lamb said he was unable to make assurances about the long-term safety of jobs.
    • After assurances that we would all fit in my car and they could put their pram in the boot they accepted.
    • The prisoners demanded assurances that their health had not been compromised.
    • Mr Wilmot said he could not give any assurances that this would not happen.
    • The problem for republicans is that no such assurance has been forthcoming from the British government.
    • I have sought an assurance from the chief executive that all the lessons of this whole sorry procedure will be fully learned and the recommendations will be fully implemented.
    • We seek assurance that the Home Office will not limit the number, scope or quality of technology trials in order to stay within the allocated budget.
    • He called on ministers to do everything they can to give assurance to the community of Northern Ireland that a serious effort is being made to maintain the rule of law.
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    • 2.1(self-confidence)

      seguridad en sí mismo feminine
      • Following a slow start to the year, recruitment levels in the insurance, assurance and reinsurance industries have picked up significantly this month.
      • Most lenders require mortgage holders to take out term assurance policies - a simple form of life insurance which pays off the mortgage debt if the holder dies.
      • Anyone who is self-employed or not a member of a company pension scheme can buy life assurance protection via a personal pension assurance policy.
      • The simplest and cheapest form of life assurance is term assurance and it is a pure protection product.
      • The most common form of mortgage protection is decreasing term assurance.
      • Check out our guides to term assurance and mortgage protection and get a quote here.
      • If it is a basic mortgage protection policy, also known as decreasing term assurance, your level of cover will decrease over time.
      • It is clear from the face of the policy that this was a mortgage protection assurance policy.
      • Furthermore one can also consider the fact that lump sum contributions to assurance policies usually attract fewer costs and commissions.
      • Only the most generous employers provide this cover, but millions of us have bought these policies, often linked to mortgages and term assurance cover.
      • However, Ireland's fifth biggest mortgage provider will also work on growing spin-off mortgage businesses, such as investment and assurance type products.
      • These products have no investment component attached to them and therefore work in a similar way to your household insurance or the old fashioned term assurance.
      • What is to be put in place as insurance and assurance?
      • As far as life insurance is concerned, stick to term assurance for as long as you can.
      • The Factfile shows losses of £343 million for insurers last year in the non-life assurance area, which include motor and property insurance.
      • They include term assurance, critical illness cover, income protection and long-term care.
      • I have to admit to being rather surprised because 17 years ago, when we took out term assurance (to cover a similar amount for our mortgage), it was quite cheap.
      • The bank is planning to offer a group insurance cover for its depositors and a loan cover term assurance plan for its borrowers.
      • Many assurance clients and retirement fund members may have had direct or indirect experience of the difficulties that are associated with an occupational disability claim.
      • Some of the premium is paying for term assurance.

    • 2.2(certainty)

      convicción feminine
      • And it's a wonderful thing to have that kind of peace and assurance and joy and certainty.
      • I sometimes look with envy on those whose faith brings comfort and assurance.
      • On the one hand, I wish I had this woman's faith, her assurance about good and evil, about the way things will turn out.
      • Don't we all yearn for assurance that our faith is taking us there?
      • In our opinion, she was simply seeking to provide support and assurance to her friend Carole, and acted with complete propriety.
      • The Charter could offer further assurance that no community will suffer from a change in the constitutional status of Northern Ireland.
      • Even a quick telephone call during a storm can provide much appreciated assurance that help is nearby if needed.
      • And that means it has to be assessed in advance in a way that gives the community assurance that it's been properly directed, but ultimately the biggest test is public scrutiny.
      • Many are ignorant concerning what evidence will satisfy the quest for assurance, despite the fact that it is clear in Scripture.
      • He had never needed assurance of her feelings for him before.
      • If he needs any assurance that Arianne loves him, ask him to talk to me.
      • The effect of all these events was some sort of feeling of assurance that for whatever reason I was on the path I was supposed to be on.
      • Your poise and deliberateness gives assurance that you know what you are talking about.
      • The characters get to know each other with no assurance that a romance will follow.
      • The technology provided assurance of confidentiality, encouraged a good response rate, and reduced any risk of errors in the transfer of data.
      • It is the confident assurance that something we want is going to happen.
      • Just because a dot-com business has a well-known or attractive brand name is no assurance of success.
      • First-time buyers are more likely to opt for a fixed-rate mortgage, he said, because at the start many want some level of assurance about their repayments.
      • So credit insurance provides the assurance of payment, subject to the policy conditions.
      • As one would expect in a prospectus, the document also cautioned potential investors that there could be no assurance that the project would be implemented.
      • At the time the company said there ‘can be no assurance that the group will be able to raise sufficient finance on a timely basis if it is required’.
      • The presence of such technology may provide some assurance to the inspector.
      • There is no assurance that the application of the valuation standards will result in a better product for the client.
      • Appointing experienced independent directors will provide assurance to customers, strategic alliance partners and potential investors.
      • So even as Boomers fret about their parents frittering away their inheritances, there's no assurance that they will behave any differently themselves.
      • He belonged to a unique generation of Irish people whose strength and assurance lay in their ability to think for themselves.
      • He was in determined mood and quickly established dominance of his area, however, despatching Salford shots with a confidence and assurance which belied his inexperience.
      • He has also got organisational capabilities, he is a winner and he oozes confidence and assurance.
      • Let the record show I was wrong, and by all means keep that in mind the next time I speak with confidence and assurance.
      • We can now, with some assurance and confidence, claim that our democracy is firmly established.
      • Somehow she imbued him with a confidence and assurance that is downright remarkable.
      • Nuig moved the ball around with confidence and assurance in the opening stages.
      • After some initially tentative playing, the University Symphony Orchestra performed with increasing confidence and assurance.
      • It is the first of Lean's films to attempt an epic scale with real confidence and assurance.
      • Still, as he watched the plains turn gold in the rising sun, he felt a strange quiet assurance that he had done the right thing.
      • One who does have high self-esteem displays confidence and assurance, gaining the courage needed to take steps towards success.
      • When I met her she seemed possessed by a new quiet assurance and openness.
      • It made her eyes glow with the confident assurance of her class.
      • He drives with the smooth assurance of a mini-cab driver.
      • Feminists are always sure of what they believe, and I can go along with them on many points, but I am unable to share their certainties or their assurance.
      • As he felt more confident, he moved with more assurance and whirled Andònië around, making up a few steps of his own when he forgot the real ones.
      • He has not been hampered by timidity or uncertainty, fitting into the side with calm assurance and revealing the extent of his ability.
      • The self-confidence, assurance and poise with which the children tackled each and every one of the 21 songs on the programme was unbelievable.
      • In fact, looking tired but slim and healthy, he appears unusually blessed with self-possession and assurance.
      • Tony met the other man's gaze with an outward display of calm assurance.

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    seguro masculine