Translation of astir in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈstər/ /əˈstəː/


  • 1literary

    (on the move)
    to be astir bullir
    • Europe was astir with the new ideas Europa bullía con las nuevas ideas
    • Shanghai has recently been astir with news that one of Taiwan's richest men is planning to open a ‘baozi’ - Taiwan steamed buns with stuffing - restaurant.
    • Something, for example, is astir in Latin America which gives an unanticipated scope for hope even as the Middle East continues to blindly grope its way towards partnership with Asia.
    • The production that set the New York and London stages astir will creep into Tokyo Nov.16-19 at the Sun Mall Theater in Shinjuku.
    • A group of 42 young South Korean women set the city astir this past week.
    • By the time I reach downtown, of course, I see that things are astir.
    • A little less than a year ago, the New York offices of news agency Reuters were all astir over the forthcoming float of shares in the firm's electronic trading network, Instinet.
    • The World was astir over Tsukasa, a young boy with unusual powers.
    • I walked away, my feelings astir and confusing my already troubled mind.
    • Moments later, the room was astir, with half a dozen instructors and guards, all working to release them.
    • A week later, the Haifa municipality was still astir as officials spoke of the amazing funeral.
    • When news of the gruesome homicide began to trickle out, the Washington Post newsroom was astir.
    • We do not know entirely what is astir, but we can feel that the world is ready to throw itself into turmoil.
    • Yet there is a new movement astir in the world, against the inherent violence of globalization, corporate rule and fundamentalism, that reminds us strongly of the early 1960s.
  • 2archaic

    (out of bed)
    en pie
    • The central part of Westhoughton was early astir this morning on the occasion of a great walk which had been arranged to take place from Westhoughton to Southport.
    • The two walked quickly back to the village, which was now all astir with life.