Traducción de astonish en español:


asombrar, v.

Pronunciación /əˈstɑnɪʃ/ /əˈstɒnɪʃ/

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verbo transitivo

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    (surprise) asombrar
    (amaze) dejar helado
    (amaze) dejar pasmado
    (amaze) dejar estupefacto
    her reaction astonished everyone su reacción asombró a todos
    • The results were startling as astonished friends saw him ride a bicycle for the first time in two years.
    • It has never failed to astonish me how we pale-faced Scots continue to swallow the propaganda that down here in deepest England the weather is somehow better.
    • It came as no surprise to me, and probably will not astonish anyone else, that today I felt the after-effects of yesterday's long drive to and from Nottingham.
    • What astonishes the contemporary reader is that a genuine, independent intellectual like Galbraith was permitted to serve in government, let alone become the confidant of presidents.
    • The atmosphere of the cocktail circuit has changed recently, and it astonishes me.
    • That such a complicated technological product could sell for so little, astonishes some of the people quoted in the article, and it certainly also astonishes me.
    • What astonishes me, looking back, is that we not only swallowed all the garbage we were fed, as we visited one commune, one factory after another; we positively lapped it up.
    • It astonishes me how easily and often we're dismissed as racists, particularly in intellectual circles.
    • Regardless of any other opinion on the matter, it astonishes me that the European Union has managed to get this far without a constitution.
    • It still astonishes me that financial markets are animated by such boyish, combative drives.
    • Since I left, one of the things which astonishes me is the change in attitudes.
    • Next day I was astonished to see Jackson coming out of the George Hotel.
    • We were astonished at how well preserved the castle was inside, in comparison to our first view from outside.
    • As I read the article, I was astonished by what a misfit of a school it seemed to be.
    • I haven't played tennis since I was a teenager, and I was astonished at the changes in the game.
    • You are astonished to discover the man can do cartwheels, handstands and back flips.
    • I am astonished there is anything left of the structure given the stresses it must by under.
    • There he is astonished to see a lion and a lamb in the same enclosure.
    • Elaine, who now lives in London, said that she was astonished to get the part.
    • Ann rather astonished me by saying how she wouldn't mind a plate of egg and chips prior to leaving for the dinner.
    • I am astonished at the number of people who don't wear hats or bother with suncream.
    • The scene that met my eyes was astonishing.
    • It is astonishing to see the notebook that Darwin had in his pocket as he walked around the Galapagos.