Translation of astound in Spanish:


dejar estupefacto, v.

Pronunciation /əˈstaʊnd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    dejar estupefacto
    dejar atónito
    it astounds me that he puts up with her no puedo llegar a entender cómo la aguanta
    • They astound the audience with their skill and technique in throwing the device around and manoeuvring it on the string.
    • Her capacity for stupidity has surprised her in the past, but now it astounds her.
    • She astounds us all - we just look at her in absolute amazement.
    • Their influence over governments astounds me.
    • It still astounds me to see the damage that can be done to kids.
    • The success of the tour genuinely astounds him.
    • It always astounds me how much she does around here.
    • The stupidity of this government and its inability to manage this country effectively and fairly astounds me.
    • What astounds me is not how much we love our country but the lack of bold admissions from others that they love their countries.
    • What really astounds me is that our law enforcement agency shows so little respect for the law.
    • Some of them work enormously hard and, to be honest, how some can cope with full-time jobs and doing what they do astounds me.
    • It still astounds me that anyone ever remembers that as a good moment for Democrats.
    • At times, the generosity of people astounds me.
    • My son is not yet four, so the fact that he was able to process such things astounds me.
    • They wonder why the project doesn't work and it astounds me that they have to wonder that.
    • Firefighters were called to the scene at 9.15 am and were astounded that the building had not gone up in flames.
    • It wouldn't be stretching the truth too much to say I was astounded.
    • Sources last night said Sir Ronnie and his senior officers were left astounded, and angry, by the break-in.
    • I was astounded that people actually felt comfortable about printing stuff like that in public.
    • You know, I'm constantly astounded by how unprepared some people are for publicity.
    • The subsequent response and quality of the entries astounded the organisers.