Translation of astounding in Spanish:


increíble, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈstaʊndɪŋ/


  • 1

    • It has a spectacular location on Coal Harbour and an astounding view.
    • This year we viewed the astounding structure of a hydroelectric dam built across the Danube.
    • What is even more astounding is that the company has launched eight new models since the beginning of 2000.
    • Some friends of mine already know about this and have likely already chortled at my astounding lack of basic knowledge.
    • I find it astounding that my childhood was spent almost entirely in one suburban residence.
    • Since then, the turnaround has been little short of astounding.
    • There were school and college teams that displayed an astounding amount of knowledge on a wide range of subjects.
    • Children in one of the country's poorest neighbourhoods have chalked up an astounding improvement in exam scores.
    • Lalo has produced an astounding body of work and it has recently served as the basis for a new musical.
    • None of us knew what an astounding difference a year would make.
    • We like to reserve this special prize for a person making truly astounding leaps in logic.
    • Many professional pianists avoid it due to the astounding technical difficulties it poses.
    • Despite his astounding virtuosity, he remains in many ways an enigma.
    • Even more astounding is the fact most of this coaching is carried out by phone.
    • He finds it astounding to think of the developments that have taken place in the arts in the county in the last decade.
    • To be truthful I find it astounding that Bali has retained its unique character.
    • The most astounding thing about the dot-com boom was the obscene amount of money that was spent.
    • One student testifies that he got an astounding 35 credits in a day in one subject.
    • The number of people now involved in litigation of one kind or another is nothing short of astounding.
    • This was astounding news since York is such a vibrant and thriving city.