Translation of astray in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈstreɪ/


  • 1

    (away from correct path)
    to go astray extraviarse
    • The Reds were rewarded with two penalties but they were kicked astray due to poor direction.
    • And then when they arrive in Kerry, their problems are compounded as they're confronted with confused and disjointed signage that could send them astray for another hour.
    • Presently, they have a mature adult tortoiseshell cat who was spotted astray in Kirkbymoorside for several months before being brought into their care with a nasty skin infection around her head.
    • The half-backs were a little astray at times with Campbell somewhat quieter than his impressive display against Kildare last time out.
    • Melodramatic, we aimed at looks we didn't quite achieve: our hair a bit astray, our hems a bit uneven.
    • Children are naïve and will often wander astray through curiosity.
    • Instead, passes fled astray in alarming numbers amid erratic play.
    • She slid into a seat beside a nice-looking sophomore and tried to focus on something else besides the pending day at school, but her mind never wandered too far astray from the subject.
    • Her desk was long and perfectly organized, no papers astray, knick-knacks aligned along her bookshelf along with portraits of her children, I assumed.
    • The child could accurately be described as cute: her large, smiling green eyes dotted with hazel specks and golden hair that flew astray as she danced in the sunlight.
    • The study team suspect the bird evolved into a separate island race having been blown astray and marooned on Wangi Wangi, part of the Tukangbesi archipelago.
    • Beachfront development, with its artificial lighting, lures turtles astray as they mistake the lights for the moon, causing them to get stranded.
    • He'd have to chance wandering astray in the woods.
    • The Thomians, however, had plenty of chances of surging through to a lead but due to some silly mistakes and penalties being kicked astray, they lost that opportunity.
    • Nothing seemed to be astray, everything was in its place.
    • He was wearing red plaid boxers and his hair was astray.
    • Bleary-eyed and hair astray, Alice answered the door.
    • But beware the weather and make sure your navigation is up to scratch lest you be led astray, for this is wild country and the consequences can be serious.
    • A couple delayed their wedding when bad directions led the groom's parents astray.
    • Artificial lights are leading some migratory birds to go astray.
    • We found out later that the actual bombs (as opposed to the simulated ones) never did have such accuracy and that many of them went astray and killed civilians.
    • A police spokeswoman said: ‘A firework went astray into the watching crowd resulting in a number of people being injured.’
    • Their assessment is that bomb that went astray hit the side of a mountain about 3,000 yards from its intended target.
    • As the rain came down, conditions turned slippery during the second half and passes went astray on both sides.
    • During this period both teams tried hard to open up the play but far too often hand passes went astray and possession was lost.
  • 2

    (into error)
    to go astray descarriarse humorous
    • to lead sb astray pervertir / descarriar a algn