Translation of astride in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈstraɪd/ /əˈstrʌɪd/


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    he sat astride the fence/horse estaba sentado en la valla/montado en el caballo a horcajadas
    • she stood astride the stream estaba con un pie a cada lado del arroyuelo
    • Sarah says this while sitting astride a large grey horse with a pair of 5-inch stiletto boots on her feet.
    • So when I found myself sitting astride a large horse at 11 am last Saturday I was a little perplexed to say the least.
    • He was sitting astride a horse that shied at raindrops.
    • At its head was General Daemon sitting astride his horse.
    • If Lyall hadn't been sitting astride his horse, he was quite sure he'd have keeled over with the force of this shock.
    • William turned the page and studied a new photo of the princess, sitting astride a big black horse.
    • She got onto the horse, sitting astride it with her skirts pushed almost all the way up to her knees.
    • In the United States, where the baby-boomers are trying to recapture their lost youth by once more sitting astride large cycles, those aged over 40 are dying at twice the rate of teenage bikers.
    • There was something about the rolling stride with which they moved that spoke of a lifetime of forking hay, sitting astride tractors, or herding cattle and sheep.
    • Minor injuries around the trunk of the deceased suggested that if he was on the ground before his death someone might have been sitting astride his chest.
    • He showed photographs of captured Angolan government weapons and of himself sitting astride the wreckage of a crashed Russian military aircraft.
    • From around one corner of the shrine another priest appeared sitting astride a huge elephant.
    • There were marks on Robert's body, indicating the trunk had been compressed by an arm or arms, or possibly by someone sitting astride him on the ground, the court heard.
    • Bikers have to accept that they are sitting astride very powerful machines that are potentially lethal.
    • He was sitting astride a black stallion like some errant knight.
    • Sitting astride the bay gelding, his gun resting on the high horn of the saddle, Buck's eyes gleamed at the thought of partly avenging his father's death.
    • Heston is a tall, well-built actor and presents an imposing figure astride a normal-sized horse.
    • Why was Frank Mace sitting astride an unexploded mine, and how did it come to be washed up on a New Plymouth beach?
    • Before Ian knew what was happening, the boy had pulled the bike from beneath him and was sitting astride it.
    • As soon as she was out of sight of the house, she swung her right leg up over to the other side to ride astride.
    • Climbing petrol prices have encouraged others to hang up their car keys and sit astride their dream machine for the morning journey to work.
    • She slung her leg over, so she was astride, and sat up.


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    a horcajadas
    • He rode two horses at the same time, standing astride with one leg on each horse, as they cantered in unison around the sawdust circle.