Translation of astronaut in Spanish:


astronauta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæstrəˌnɔt/ /ˈastrənɔːt/


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    astronauta masculine, feminine
    • How much food do we need to have on the spacecraft for the astronauts to go to Mars?
    • I always really enjoy explaining how space travel works and how you train for a space mission as an astronaut.
    • It will be the second time American astronauts return to Earth in a Soyuz spacecraft.
    • It was also the first time that US astronauts had returned from space in a Soyuz spacecraft.
    • For the astronauts on board the Space Station there are no less than sixteen sunrises and sunsets each day.
    • During spaceflight astronauts lose muscle mass and function as a consequence of a lack of gravity.
    • This is an idea for a spacesuit that will allow astronauts to exercise while working in space.
    • This is where astronauts are trained and the space shuttle program is managed.
    • Iceland was where the Apollo 11 astronauts trained for their lunar trip.
    • American astronauts and Soviet cosmonauts shook hands hundreds of miles above a burning Cambodia.
    • We can picture exactly what he meant because we have now seen film of astronauts orbiting the Earth in spacecraft.
    • This is only a handful of some of the most notable men who helped to get American astronauts to the Moon.
    • It allowed American and Soviet astronauts to work together and to get to know each other.
    • The large viewing windows will provide the astronauts with a view of the Earth quite unlike any other.
    • The hostile environment of space poses a special challenge to the wellbeing of astronauts.
    • The findings are not only important for the wellbeing of astronauts but for everybody.
    • For Earth will only be one point of light among many, and astronauts will truly be on their own.
    • The meeting was very informal and the girls were able to bombard Claudie with questions on what life is like as an astronaut.
    • We salute his many accomplishments as an astronaut and as a husband and father.
    • Every orbit of the space shuttle treats the astronauts to stunning scenery.
    • When astronauts go into microgravity they lose their sense of place and have to rely on visual and auditory cues.
    • NASA permits astronauts to take some souvenirs for their family and close friends.