Translation of astutely in Spanish:


sagazmente, adv.

Pronunciation /əˈst(j)utli/ /əˈstjuːtli/


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    con sagacidad
    con perspicacia
    • We follow the major auction house results pretty astutely.
    • This is a political process, the success of which depends on how astutely the manager can redefine the situation.
    • He has written widely and very astutely on several notable aspects of class relations.
    • The way he astutely details intelligence operations appeals to me at many levels.
    • The young man astutely observed him in action and tried to absorb the great lessons his boss had to teach.
    • He astutely pointed out that when either teachers or students know they are being videotaped, they tend to not behave normally.
    • This was astutely laid out in the second part of the essay.
    • They also astutely observed the land and people around them as they jostled along.
    • Even more astutely, the author weaves in stories from his own research.
    • Her strength lies in her power and deception, and reading her opponent astutely.