Translation of asymmetry in Spanish:


asimetría, n.

Pronunciation /eɪˈsɪmətri/ /eɪˈsɪmɪtri/


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    asimetría feminine
    • And when we choose asymmetry it is usually because we recognise the effect that the absence of symmetry produces.
    • To see an obvious example of asymmetry, just look at your hands.
    • Why must the price of peace be paid symmetrically, when only asymmetry exists in the causes of war?
    • One other thing hits the eye, in addition to this maddening asymmetry.
    • There's an ever so slight asymmetry of information though.
    • However, there is an incredible information asymmetry in these kinds of proceedings.
    • As a result of the information asymmetry, a beneficial exchange would not occur.
    • If they don't have a reliable network to use, the information asymmetry is huge.
    • Waging war against the terrorists breaks this asymmetry and is the correct response to defeat terror.
    • The asymmetry between the amounts of matter and antimatter in the universe remains unexplained.
    • Many problems that occur during fetal development cause asymmetry in the resulting organism.
    • Whether asymmetry threatens the development of a democratic federal system is open to debate.
    • As a result, however, the famous asymmetry of the Pirelli Building would be destroyed.
    • In pre-empting the terrorist are we really dealing with asymmetry, or is something else at work?
    • Information asymmetry can be disadvantageous for the party with less information.
    • The patient is asked if the stimulus is sharp or dull and if there is any asymmetry between the right and left sides.
    • This suggests that the mutation might help explain both asymmetry and schizophrenia.
    • The fanciful asymmetry of the French rococo style was considered the essence of beauty.
    • The lungs were clear and there was no asymmetry in expansion.
    • One important source of asymmetry in fighting ability is a difference in body or weapon size.