Translation of at in Spanish:


en, prep

Pronunciation /æt/ /ət/ /at/


  • 1

    (indicating location, position)
    she was waiting at the door/restaurant estaba esperando en la puerta/el restaurante
    • at Daniel's en casa de Daniel
    • I stayed at a hotel me quedé en un hotel
    • we were at church estábamos en la iglesia
    • to be at the table estar sentados a la mesa
    • to be at table estar sentados a la mesa
    • don't call me at the office no me llames a la oficina
    • at the back / rear of the house al fondo de la casa
    • who was at the wedding? ¿quién estuvo en la boda?
    • Responsibility for providing services at the airport is shared between the airport and the airline.
    • She went back to her job as a teacher while I stayed at home with Louise.
    • He made his first professional stage appearance in George Bernard Shaw's ‘The Devil's Disciple’ at the Gaiety Theatre.
  • 2

    (in email addresses)
    arroba feminine
    • Please send mail to zzsmith1 at strangemail dot net.
  • 3

    (indicating direction)
    to point at sth/sb señalar algo/a algn
    • she aimed the gun at him le apuntó con la pistola
    • look out, someone's shooting at us! ¡cuidado, nos están disparando!
    • they were throwing stones at him le estaban tirando piedras
    • he smiled at me/her me/le sonrió
    • she was screaming at me to come back me estaba gritando que volviera
    • he banged at the door with his fists aporreó la puerta con los puños
    • As he entered the clubhouse he glanced at the pictures of famous yachts that hang on the walls.
    • How old was your baby when she smiled at you for the first time?
    • At the same moment, they shone a torch at me to identify me.
    • A new credit card aimed at millions of low-income families is to charge interest at up to 70% - the highest ever charged by a credit card company.
  • 4

    (indicating time)
    at 6 o'clock a las seis
    • you can't call at this time! ¡no puedes llamar a esta hora / a estas horas!
    • at noon/nightfall a mediodía/al anochecer
    • at Christmas en Navidad
    • at night por la noche
    • at this stage in the game a esta altura del partido
    • at that very moment en ese mismo momento
    • at a later date más adelante
    • at the last count en el último recuento
    • where did you go at lunchtime? ¿dónde fuiste a la hora de comer?
    • at your age a tu edad
    • he left home at the age of 20 se fue de casa a los 20 años
    • At Christmas we're always surrounded by lots of lovely food and drink.
    • Schools should lock children in at lunchtime to boost take-up of canteen meals, a catering expert claimed yesterday.
    • If you know of someone who is thinking of purchasing a rabbit at Easter, let them know it's a bad idea.
    • It is important that people going out in London can get home safely at night, by public transport, black cab or licensed minicab.
    • In the United States, more than 10,000 retailers across the country are opening their doors at midnight tonight solely to sell copies of the game and accessories.
    • William appeared at half-past twelve.
    • There will be a complete blackout tonight at eleven o'clock.
  • 5

    • 5.1(indicating state)

      at a disadvantage en desventaja
      • at war/peace en guerra/paz
      • he wasn't at ease in her presence no se sentía a gusto en su presencia
      • traffic in town is at a standstill el tráfico de la ciudad está paralizado
      • at the mercy of the weather a merced del tiempo
      • at your disposal/command a su disposición/sus órdenes
      • I could not be really happy or be at peace living like that.
      • That way I can record shows and listen to them at my leisure.
      • Candidates with exposure to international trade and two years of editorial/writing experience in the electronics/computer industry would be at an advantage.
      • People in lighter vehicles are at a disadvantage in collisions with heavier vehicles.

    • 5.2(occupied with)

      people at work gente trabajando
      • children at play niños jugando
      • she's at dinner está cenando
      • what are you at? ¿qué haces?

  • 6

    • 6.1(with measurements, numbers, rates etc)

      I'd put the crowd at 2,000 yo diría que habría unas 2.000 personas
      • they sell them at around $80/at half price las venden a alrededor de $80/a mitad de precio
      • three at a time de tres en tres
      • we sold it at a higher price lo vendimos más caro
      • at 80 mph/100 degrees a 80 mph/100 grados
      • to do something at a run hacer algo corriendo
      • at a trot al trote
      • at high temperatures a altas temperaturas
      • at a staggering seven foot two inches, she is the country's tallest woman athlete con la asombrosa estatura de siete pies y dos pulgadas, es la atleta más alta del país
      • at a depth of 200m a una profundidad de 200m
      • Prices start at £145 for 3 nights for 2 people for our winter weekends in Keeper's Cottage.
      • Water boils at one hundred degrees Celsius and at this point changes phase to become a gas, or steam.
      • Electrons move at a speed of a few kilometres per second through a circuit, whereas light travels at nearly 300,000 kilometres per second.

    • 6.2(with superlative)

      at worst I'll have to give up my job lo peor que puede pasar es que tenga que dejar el trabajo
      • at the soonest como muy pronto
      • at the latest a más tardar
      • he was at his most amusing estuvo más divertido que nunca / de lo más divertido
      • bureaucracy at its most exasperating la burocracia en su forma más exasperante
      • French cooking at its best lo mejor de la cocina francesa
      • abstract art at its best el arte abstracto en su expresión más depurada

  • 7

    (because of)
    he was surprised at the decision le sorprendió la decisión
    • she smiled at their antics sus travesuras le hicieron gracia
    • no one laughed at the joke nadie se rió con el chiste
    • don't laugh at me! ¡no te rías de mí!
    • they cried at the news lloraron al enterarse de la noticia
    • they fled at the sound of footsteps huyeron al oír pasos
    • I faint at the sight of blood me desmayo al ver sangre / cuando veo sangre
    • at sb's request a petición de algn
    • I did it at his insistence lo hice porque él insistió
    • his spirits rose at the thought of … se le levantaba el ánimo al pensar …
  • 8

    she's good at her job hace bien su trabajo
    • she's hopeless at anything practical es absolutamente negada para las cosas prácticas
    • she's poor at French/Physics no es muy buena en francés/física
    • he's terrible at making speeches es un pésimo orador
    • I'm bad at organizing things no sirvo para organizar cosas
    • he's upset someone else now — yes, he's good at that ha vuelto a disgustar a alguien — sí, se especializa en eso
    • Women are said to be poor at reading maps.
    • I was never any good at sports.
    • You're still going to need to be really good at what you do just to accomplish that.