Translation of Athenian in Spanish:


ateniense, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈθiniən/ /əˈθiːnɪən/


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    • A full-size wooden replica of an Athenian temple might be erected in a manorial garden.
    • In the 4th century the Athenian state did not hesitate to commission historical paintings or portraits of living benefactors and allies.
    • The Athenian mix of culture and commerce was as apparent in art as in architecture.
    • She has shown herself to be all that the Athenian society desires her to be.
    • The statue had once stood in the Athenian market place.
    • The Athenian king comes over demanding to know what is happening.
    • He came from a family that played a prominent part in Athenian politics.
    • We have to remember that Athenian audiences would sit through nine hours of tragic performance.
    • He was one of the first modern scholars to argue that Athenian rhetoric is valuable precisely because of its connection to democratic government.
    • He had little specific control over Athenian foreign and domestic policy.


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    ateniense masculine, feminine
    • Even Alexander the Great had to recompense an Athenian who was robbed on the way to Olympia.
    • An Athenian was always to be admiral of the combined fleet.
    • I am an Athenian.
    • He was the son of an Athenian.
    • The Athenian believed that the traditional sources of Greek wisdom had become dysfunctional.