Translation of athletics in Spanish:


deportes, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæθ(ə)ˈlɛdɪks/ /aθˈlɛtɪks/


  • 1US

    (active sports)
    deportes masculine
    • Having done athletics and played netball the transition to rugby was not difficult.
    • And after that you have athletics and golf and tennis and whatever you like yourself.
    • Were ancient athletics useful for preparing young Greek men for the battlefield?
    • Encouraged by his father to take up to athletics, he took to it like a duck taking to water.
  • 2British

    (track and field)
    atletismo masculine
    • Jarlath Duffy won his award following a very successful year on the athletics track.
    • The other topic that has dogged athletics, as it has so many sports in recent years, is drugs.
    • It is not just in athletics that competitors have tried to evade being drug-tested.
    • It was then that he took up athletics very seriously and also took on the triple jump, which he had not done before.
    • The club caters for all aspects of athletics, track and field, indoor and cross country.
    • Fredericks will always be remembered fondly by athletics fans around the world.
    • Just like the pole vault in athletics, you need the right equipment before you can even see if you have a talent.
    • Sanchez's dominance of his event is almost unique in the world of athletics.
    • Mr Richards was a keen athlete who scooped hundreds of medals in a range of sports from swimming to athletics.
    • In my commentary I said it was probably the most unpopular win in athletics.
    • Alongside football, athletics is probably the sport I know and care most about.
    • Public facilities will include playing fields, an indoor sports arena and an athletics track.
    • The report into Australian athletics is expected to be published on Monday.
    • But Moorcroft insisted that there was still an air of optimism in British athletics.
    • Jackson ended his wonderful athletics career with a fifth place in the final of the 60m hurdles.
    • Kelly Holmes last night became only the seventh British woman to win an athletics gold medal at the Olympics.
    • Did competitors at the world athletics championships receive payment for taking part?
    • Bright sunshine and mild temperatures heralded the first athletics competition of the year on Sunday.
    • As a student in 1936 Andrew went to Berlin to compete at athletics with German medical students.
    • But it is only thanks to her big brother Marlon, a useful sprinter, that she turned to athletics.