Translation of athwart in Spanish:


de banda a banda, prep

Pronunciation /əˈθwɔrt/ /əˈθwɔːt/


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    de banda a banda
    • I glance in the mirror and find, to my disappointment, that she's still athwart the bike.
    • The old men pose athwart a water wheel.
    • While Matsya lay athwart the route from the northern lands to the ports on the western coast, it was not a place of great enterprise.
    • ‘We're so happy this restaurant is here,’ confided another matriarch when I inquired about the twisty little phyllo-pastry purse athwart her salad of Asian pear and gleaming field greens.
    • The site benefited from centuries of Indian custom in that it lay athwart an old Indian portage between Lakes Pontchartrain and Borgne and the river, the trail that now terminated as Rue de l' Hôpital.
    • To the south, athwart the mountain's lower slope, was a maze of byways and ramshackle housing for the native population.
    • Grenada lay athwart vital US sea lanes, thus threatening all transatlantic trade.
    • The Island of St. Germain, the objective of the action, is a low mound of earth surrounded by swamps and was athwart the division zone of advance.
    • Appleby, the county town, suffered greatly from Scottish raids, since it was athwart an easy line of advance across Stainmore towards Durham and York.
    • But to place that tribute athwart the vista of the mall would be the act of a country that no longer understands its own history.
    • He took his hand off the hilt of his dagger at last, though still his eyes were fixed athwart the city.
    • The solar flares and the corona of the sun danced athwart the planet's silhouette.