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atmósfera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈætməsˌfɪr/ /ˈatməsfɪə/

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  • 1

    (of planet)
    atmósfera femenino
    • So, trapped in the musty atmosphere of planet earth, they appear clumsy and fragile.
    • What happens to the charged particles which came from the sun after they hit the atmosphere of the earth?
    • During this time it will be collecting images of the surface and collating information about the atmosphere surrounding the Red Planet.
    • On Earth, the atmosphere and the magnetosphere deflect the charged particles that stream in from the Sun at a million miles an hour: the solar wind.
    • Earth's gravitational force holds the atmosphere around the earth.
    • Ozone in the upper atmosphere protects life on Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, which can cause sunburn and skin cancer.
    • Another intriguing feature of Titan's atmosphere is its apparent similarity to the atmosphere of the early Earth.
    • It has a planet-like atmosphere more dense than Earth's.
    • Siberian volcanoes spent 900,000 years spewing enough carbon into the atmosphere to raise Earth's temparature six degrees.
    • Earth's atmosphere and its magnetic field manage to block most of the radiation from solar flares.
    • Most of the world's scientists agree that these increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are causing the Earth to warm.
    • The active breathing environment in a spacecraft cabin contains ten times more carbon dioxide than the atmosphere on Earth.
    • Five other spacecrafts also rocketed through the upper atmosphere of the planet that was earth.
    • The higher a person rises above earth into the atmosphere, the less protection he has from this cosmic radiation.
    • A paper on, for example, the Martian atmosphere typically would not cite publications on the atmospheres of other planets.
    • This gas, comprising 1% of the atmosphere, covers the earth like a quilt and prevents the loss of heat to space.
    • The reason that that is interesting is that we think that it bears a big resemblance to the atmosphere that Earth had in its early history 4 billion years ago.
    • The atmosphere of the Earth is like a blanket that traps heat.
    • Carbon dioxide and some other gases in the atmosphere keep the Earth warm enough for life to thrive.
    • But the atmosphere of the early Earth contained much less oxygen than it does today.
    • The atmosphere of the young Earth was rich in ammonia and methane, and was probably very hot.
    • The earth has an atmosphere, and rotates on its axis as it revolves around the sun.
    • Sunlight traveling from space into the earth's atmosphere will undergo a large amount of refraction.
    • Then, once the rocket fuel has burnt out and the motor is jettisoned by the pilot, the slow glide back into the atmosphere and down to Earth can begin.
    • This influx of cold air into the lower atmosphere initiates a new ice age.
  • 2

    (feeling, mood)
    ambiente masculino
    the place has plenty of atmosphere el lugar tiene mucho ambiente
    • a hostile atmosphere un ambiente / un clima / una atmósfera hostil
    • Soothing music playing in the background created a relaxing atmosphere, setting the tone for the evening.
    • An atmosphere of pervading gloom hung in the air.
    • Such festivals attract large groups of young people together in an atmosphere of welcome, adventure and celebration.
    • ‘This sets a creative atmosphere for work and discussions,’ Grigorov said.
    • They describe the atmosphere as creative and point out that a third of their visitors do not want to ride, just chill.
    • Despite this, the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.
    • The cyber cafe will provide a friendly atmosphere for people who have never used a computer to learn the basics and become more familiar with using the internet.
    • We are currently seeking new members, so if you enjoy bingo and would like to meet people in a friendly atmosphere, why not come along.
    • I'd always found it so easy to let myself get caught up in the festive atmosphere that seemed to pervade the season, and I suppose that's true even now.
    • Though the film was shot in full color, sets and costumes alike draw heavily on muted tones, creating an atmosphere of age and mystery.
    • But stumble and strain under an unceasing atmosphere of creative tension, and you'll get trampled.
    • An apocalyptic atmosphere pervades, and makes the novel crucial reading for anyone with a passing interest in other humans and conflict.
    • An atmosphere of camaraderie pervades the Academy.
    • The atmosphere is lively and creative, with drawings and craft objects in almost every classroom.
    • She looked startled by the question, and a hint of sadness pervaded the atmosphere around her.
    • But everybody was so down to earth, and the atmosphere was very relaxed.
    • There was a wonderful atmosphere as some breathtaking rallies were played.
    • There was a festival atmosphere in the air, with hundreds of people packing the streets for all of the events that had been organised.
    • If you are a plane enthusiast or interested in taking in the atmosphere at an air show, I have six car passes worth £17 each available for Saturday.
    • However, with supper came darkness, and as the sun went down, the atmosphere in the apartment got tense.
    • Even in the darkness of a damp February night there was a carnival atmosphere.
    • An electric atmosphere filled the air, as the lords, nobles and other important figures all along the table waited in anticipation for the show to begin.