Translation of atmospheric in Spanish:


atmosférico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌætməsˈfɪrɪk/ /ˌætməsˈfɛrɪk/ /atməsˈfɛrɪk/


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    (conditions/oxygen/pollution) atmosférico
    • Air pressure is an important factor which affects the resulting atmospheric climate conditions.
    • Oceans are playing a very vital role in maintaining the atmospheric balance of the earth.
    • The main advantage of nuclear power plants is that they do not cause atmospheric pollution.
    • City buildings suffer excessive weathering because of atmospheric pollution.
    • Exposure to industrial or atmospheric pollution may also cause asthma symptoms.
    • This heralded a new age in the understanding of atmospheric science, and many new discoveries were soon made.
    • This is thought to be because of the much higher atmospheric pressures on Venus and because of the lack of water.
    • The number of days when she could smell an odour would depend on atmospheric conditions and wind direction.
    • But the rotating blades might only be visible in certain atmospheric conditions.
    • In favourable atmospheric conditions it was reported to be heard ten or 12 miles away.
    • He also says the development would lead to more noise and atmospheric pollution.
    • Why should we contribute to more atmospheric pollution when it is simply not necessary?
    • Peatlands are important ecosystems with regard to atmospheric greenhouse gas composition.
    • It is a widely distributed contaminant in atmospheric environment.
    • The process of photosynthesis maintains atmospheric supplies of oxygen, essential for animal life on earth.
    • The movement of the clouds is accelerated by atmospheric temperature and other environmental factors.
    • But we simply do not know how the Earth will respond to increasing atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide.
    • Rapid changes in atmospheric circulation cause storms, cold spells, or heat waves that play out over several days.
    • His primary research areas include both atmospheric science and climate research.
    • We cannot tell if global warming is occurring as a result of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide.
    • The USA exploded 66 atmospheric test weapons on Bikini and Enewetak Islands.
    • The early scarcity of dissolved sulfates and atmospheric oxygen has big implications.
    • An event of this kind would create a huge crater, send out shock waves, and create tremendous atmospheric disturbance.