Translation of atomize in Spanish:


atomizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈædəˌmaɪz/ /ˈatəmʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • This pressure level is meant to atomize the fuel into fine particles to ensure clean combustion.
    • When the carburetor can emulsify and atomize the fuel mixture well, distribution to each cylinder improves.
    • The arc melts the wires and the molten metal is atomized by a continuous flow of either high-velocity compressed air or nonoxidizing gases, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or argon.
    • Here the water is atomised using high-pressure compressed air.
    • Flieger showed that spray objectives could be achieved at reduced dosages with a properly atomized spray, which doubled the treatment area per sortie by the spray aircraft.
    • The sample, which can be liquid, solid, or gas, is usually enclosed in an absorption cell, which in turn may be enclosed in an oven to vaporize and atomize the material.
    • Most current agricultural sprayers use hydraulic nozzles to meter and atomize the liquid into drops.
    • Manufactured to closer tolerances, they atomized fuel much more efficiently than factory nozzles.
    • The multiple aperture injectors atomize the fuel through a disc with six to ten holes at its tip.
    • The narrow nozzle serves to atomize the flowing liquid - break it up into tiny drops, which form a fine spray.
    • The fuel injection orifices inject liquid fuel into the flow channel wherein it is atomized by compressed air channeled through the shroud inlet.
    • It is atomized into small particles, which solidify very quickly.
    • Advanced diesel injection systems optimally atomize fuel, reduce the work and expense necessitated by exhaust gas after treatment and enable higher efficiency.
    • Then, in a metallizing process, atomized molten zinc was sprayed on the steel surface, which was then brushed to impart a glossy finish.
    • An inert gas then propels the liquid through an ultrasonic nozzle that atomizes it.
    • It involves a machine that sprays atomised moisturisers onto the skin using a stream of pressurised oxygen.
    • In some aerosol cans, this action helps to atomize the product, forming an extremely fine spray.
    • The smoke actually was atomized hydraulic fluid from the emergency-brake system, which is a normal by-product of its use.
    • You just want enough pressure to deliver the spray, but not atomize it to the point that it can be easily carried by the wind.
    • Because it is not atomising the diesel enough, the fuel volume burns erratically and slowly as the flame burns through the large droplets of oily fuel.