Translation of atonal in Spanish:


atonal, adj.

Pronunciation /eɪˈtoʊnl/ /æˈtoʊnl/ /eɪˈtəʊn(ə)l/ /əˈtəʊn(ə)l/


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    • Not one to experiment in the emerging environment of atonal and neo-classical music, his old-fashioned compositions were swept aside well before his death.
    • In fact, it reminds me very much of Schoenberg's freely atonal music of roughly twenty years previous.
    • When the lectures were first delivered, Bernstein's rejection of atonal music deeply offended many avant-garde composers.
    • Why do you think audiences have trouble with modern or atonal classical music?
    • This is an umbrella term for a group of musicians in Japan whose music is primarily atonal, noisy, improvised and loud.
    • Fifty-five years after his death, Anton Webern still leads listeners through a musical underworld where even dodecaphonic and atonal rules simply don't apply.
    • Brecht's words, juxtaposed against Weill's music, with its atonal harmonies and angular lines, venomously satirized the state of affairs.
    • This commitment to rigorously atonal music, planned and performed as a separate entity from the choreography, is at the core of Cunningham's radicalism.